Sunday, June 8, 2014

Finish Line!

Ding Ding Ding! My 48 Hours are over! I spent 32 of them reading.

I read 8 books, and snatches of a few others, since I walked into the challenge with ten or so active bookmarks.  I finished:
  1. Demon Eyes, by Scott Tracey (gay protagonist)
  2. The Summer of May, by Cecelia Galante (cover shows girl of color)
  3. Archangel's Legion, Nalini Singh
  4. Phantom Eyes, by Scott Tracey (gay protagonist)
  5. Heart of Steel, by Meljean Brook (Asian protagonist)
  6. The Boy Who Dared, Susan Campbell Bartoletti (Mormon German anti-Nazi protestor)
  7. Skin Tight, Ava Gray (Iranian-American protagonist)
  8. The Heart of a Woman, Maya Angelou (African-American memoir)
I haven't reviewed the last one yet, and I need to run out to start all my neglected weekend chores, but I'm happy with my count. I read 6 hours on Friday, 16 1/2 hours on Saturday, and 9 1/2 hours on Sunday for a total of 32 hours, exceeding my private goal of 24. Most of the missing 16 hours were spent sleeping. Which honestly, was probably necessary.


Deb @ Read Write Tell said...

Man...nice list of reading you got done! Still plugging away on my reading, but did take a quick break to straighten n clean n...wash. Need clothes for work! Congrats on the books!

Greg Pattridge said...

Wow, what a list. I haven't read any of these, but I hope to with your recommendations. Great job.

Liviania said...

Absolutely awesome! And your list looks great.

Iron Guy Carl said...

Many congrats. That is indeed quite a list!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a nice reading list - thanks for breaking out the diversity! You did some dedicated reading there!