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June Book Clubs

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Since I'm a big list maker, alphabetizer and scheduler, along with being chronically late, disorganized and slobby, I really enjoy the idea of scheduling my reading so I finish the book club books within a week of the meeting. Of course, I often fail by months in either direction, and sometimes library constraints make it impossible to succeed, but I still like the idea of books sailing majestically on their calendar dates.

This was much looser when I could read any of the online club books at any time, since worst case I'd just have to let the podcast or video sit on my device for a few weeks or months until I caught up. But now I'm actually meeting up locally with people for those clubs, so the schedule matters. What fun!

Weekends are almost always devoted to the Tuesday night club, which works out since we usually only assign about 100 pages at a time. The kidlit book gets read ideally the week of the Thursday meeting, sometimes Thursday morning although I prefer finishing by Wednesday so I have so ideas for discussion if the kids don't bring much to the table.

The rest of the days get filled with whatever is the priority book, with my Friday club getting precedence and library due dates sometimes overriding everything else. So how am I doing this month?

Friday Friends Club

This is what I think of when I say "I'm in a book club;" it's the one I host most often and hate to miss. We pick books because we want to read them, and sometimes we are wrong about that but usually not. Carrie Baughcum

Shiksa Goddess

Our June book is Shiksa Goddess (Wendy Wasserstein), and I gave my copy away and am waiting on Paperbackswap to find me another. So that needs to happen fairly soon!  If I get it in time then it will be good and fresh for the discussion -- it will jump right to the top of the queue!

Tuesday Night Movie Book Club.
The City's Son (The Skyscra...

I finished our book, The City's Son by Tom Pollock, even though officially we've got two weeks left. Our next pick is tentatively Most Dangerous by Steve Sheinkin, which is a YA nonfiction book about Daniel Ellsberg and the releasing of the secret documents during the Vietnam war. We wanted a nonfiction book as a change of pace, but went with a YA one because we didn't want to have to think too hard. I'm not sure I'll reread this as I read it a few months ago -- it's one of the Cybils finalists this year.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - kimberlykv

Talbot Hill Elementary Book Club

The last meeting is always a big party where everyone brings a book to recommend and I make my summer reading list. So nothing to read this week, but then I'd better get cracking!

Vaginal Fantasy:

Shades of Milk and Honey (G...The Magpie Lord (A Charm of...Silver on the Road by Laura Anne GilmanClean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Our local group skipped last month, so we have a lot to talk about. Shades of Milk and Honey, Mary Robinette Kowal and The Magpie Lord, K.J. Charles were the books for April. I've finished the first and started the second. The May books are also done.  The Silver on the Road by Laura Gilman was recommended by several people with compatible tastes and I have to say they were right -- it was a very agreeable read.  I've already read Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews; in fact I suggested it to my Friday book club and it was our last pick! So I feel like I got even more than my usual money's worth from reading that one. Also my son likes it as well. Finally the local group adds in a comic each month; this time it's Lumberjanes which I have also read in the past year. So only about 150 pages to finish this week and then I'm ready!

Sword & Laser
AuroraA Darker Shade of Magic (Sh...All the Birds in the SkyCity of Stairs (The Divine ...Annihilation (Southern Reac...

The May book for the next meeting is Aurora, by Kim Stanley Robinson and I finished that a week or two ago, so I'm in good shape. Such good shape that I may try to read some of the books I skipped over the past few months, since the library has finally decided to give them to me. A Darker Shade of Magic, by Victoria Schwab was last month's book, but the library just got it to me.  I'm about half way through All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders, which was a book from ages ago. And if I finish those I can read the books from my shelves that appeared on picks sometime last year --  City of Stairs,  Robert Jackson Bennett or  Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer.

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