Monday, July 9, 2018

Healthy Choices

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
I finally dragged myself off to get the blood tests my doctor had ordered, which came back as confirming me as 100% human. I even walked myself to the clinic, because I had told the doctor that I was about to start taking daily walks as a fitness regimen, and promptly sunk back into my slothly couch potato ways.

But now I'm totally walking! I've taken two walks, and am contemplating a third! I feel fit already. I'm also trying to eat more healthily, aided by the annoying interface in the app I downloaded to track this. Often I just skip eating something rather then wrestle with my phone to record it. Also, I enjoyed the first message, which was a concerned note that I seemed to be on a starvation diet, based my first day when I only entered my evening snack of an apple. Please treasure yourself and eat more, the fitness app pleaded. I felt smug.

My currently reading is officially 29, which is definitely less than 30. I'm trying to finish the books I have on the go, but a lot of them I keep stalling on (which is why I have so many). I cleared out some of the low-hanging fruit and I'll see if I can get my bookmark list to a single page.

The Book Date does a weekly roundup of what people are reading, want to read, or have read each week called It's Monday! What Are You Reading so I'll sign up there. There's also a version that is kidlit focussed at either Teach Mentor Texts or Unleashing Readers but I'll skip that this week since I somehow didn't read any kidlit.

This Week I started:

Robots vs. FairiesSymbiont (Parasitology, #2)

Robots Vs Fairies, edited by Dominick Parisien. For my Tuesday book club. Sadly it has gone missing.

Symbiont, Mira Grant. Second in a series.

And that's it! All hail my restraint!

I finished:

Marry in Scandal (Marriage of Convenience, #2)All These Worlds (Bobiverse, #3)A Call to Vengeance (Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant, #3)

Marry in Scandal, Anne Gracie. At the end we find out his TERRIBLE SECRET, and it's not that bad and he gets over everything and they live happily ever after. I'm all for romances avoiding pointless conflict and misunderstandings, but this kept the misunderstanding but left out conflict, which isn't really any better.

All These Worlds, Dennis Taylor. This felt more like a unified book because of the overarching battle against the bad aliens, but there still were chapters out of time sequence for no reason I could fathom except to remind me how much effort suspending disbelief should be. I like what he did with androids and the feeling of separation among the distant generations of Bobs.

A Call to Vengeance, David Weber, Timothy Zahn, Thomas Pope. This round of bad guys have been defeated, but they will be back! Of course, since I know Honor Harrington, I know that they will not succeed in squashing the Manticore System like bugs. Still, I like Travis Long and I like the game of writing prologues about a guy who disappears from history.

Bookmarks moved in:

Alliance of Equals (Liaden Universe, #19)Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at WarAncestral Machines (Humanity's Fire, #4)Too Like the Lightning (Terra Ignota, #1)
Unmasked by the Marquess (Regency Imposters, #1)A Princess in Theory (Reluctant Royals, #1)Tinker (Elfhome, #1)The Power

Alliance of Equals, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. Episode 58. Shan is doing well. Priscilla is doing well. The others, not so much.

Grunt, Mary Roach. My audio RML book. On to bad smell warfare!

Ancestral Machines, Michael Cobley. RML book. I don't like the split perspectives -- I have enough trouble caring about these people that getting pulled away makes me forget them, not worry about them.

Too Like the Lightning, Ada Palmer. The gender stuff is getting dull.

Unmasked by the Marquess, Cat Sebastian. I'm not really being pulled along. I may have over saturated myself with this author.

Princess in Theory, Alyssa Cole. It's been fun, but I'm not looking forward to the fallout chapters before they reconcile again.

Tinker, Wen Spencer. OK, time to finish up my reverse re-read.

The Power, Naomi Alderman. The library is giving me another chance.

These I'm barely reading; I use them as palate cleansers between books I'm actually reading.

KenilworthA Traitor to Memory (Inspector Lynley, #11)The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen
Sammy Keyes and the Art of DeceptionChange of Heart (Robyn Hunter, #7)Reading and Learning to Read

Kenilworth, Sir Walter Scott. Her boyfriend's back, and Kenilworth is mad.

A Traitor to Memory, Elizabeth George.

The Quantum Universe, Brian Cox.

Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception, Wendelin Van Draanen.

Change of Heart, Norah McClintock. Dad is hanging out with her ex.

Reading and Learning to Read, Jo Anne Vaca.

2018 Challenge Progress:
  1. Cybils 2017! 12/104-ish. I am refusing to start anything new.
  2. Reading My Library: Still working on Grunt and Ancestral Machines.
  3. Where Am I Reading 2018?: 35/51. Spent my reading time in outer space, so no progress.

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My e-copy of Robots Vs. Fairies expired. I had like 30 pages left, so my copy is missing too. Ooops.