Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love and Safety

I'm pulling a book from my safety stack; I finished two books a few days ago and saved on for emergencies. Today I managed to get sunscreen in my eyes and spend the afternoon with my eyes sealed shut, which slowed down my reading a tad. Thankfully I can see again, so I'm back on the reading train. And I got my injury having a great time kayaking about on a real river, with real water and everything, so it was all worth it.

A Dangerous Deception, by J.M. Jeffries is a romance novel about a cop and her old lover, an insanely rich businessman whose evil mother tore true love apart. It uses a lot of stock tropes -- the child of the love affair kept secret from the guy (mostly the fault of the evil mother), the super attraction between the lovers that not even a decade of separation can dwindle, and the wise-cracking daughter with a heart of gold. But the writing moves along smoothly and the cop mystery is entertaining (if predictable).

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