Sunday, June 21, 2009

They don't misunderstand each other!

Today's read was Marrying the Captain, by Carla Kelly. I'm on a bit of a Kelly kick lately, after being very impressed with her Daughter of Fortune, a story of Spanish settlers in New Mexico. This was more standard fare, a regency Romance of an inn keeper and a naval captain who fail in love when they meet. I didn't really buy their instant devotion, but if I grant that Cupid stuck them with his little arrows, then the rest of their relationship does make sense. There is also a pleasantly silly action plot with an EEEEEvil Bad Guy at the end, to let us down from the happy-ever-after gently.

However, the best part of this romance is that there is no misunderstanding -- they are both completely in agreement with the first big barrier to their love -- sailor's wives have a rough life. She never wanted to marry a sailor, and he never wanted to get married. Later on there are other problems, but they talk about them, which doesn't instantly resolve things but is a hugely refreshing change to the usual romance theme of running around having huge issues that a single sentence could resolve. So I'll continue to count myself a Carla Kelly fan.

Now I'll send this book back to the library, where I do get most of my books (and where I get the name of my blog -- more BOOK, BOOK, BOOKs for me!).


Susan said...

Hey, how come you never suggest any Carla Kelly to me??

Beth said...

I'm shy.