Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Summary

Sunday is a good time to look over all the books I have bookmarks in, but unfortunately I have gotten completely out of control and I refuse to admit how many books I am currently reading. Anyway, I don't have enough fingers to count them; even taking off my shoes hasn't helped. So instead I shall look at some of my kids' reading for the week.

P is a slow reader, often caught without a book in his hand. He claims to be safe from the dangers of the book bug, as he has seen the havoc it wreaks on lives such as mine and his brother's. This week he has re-read the best bits of all our Calvin and Hobbes books, highlighted by our library's acquisition of the Lazy Sunday Book, which is missing from our home collection. We are reading Kneeknock Rise together, but painfully slowly since I am trying to force bed time at a reasonable hour. So by the time the kids are ready for bed, I only read for a few minutes. I keep hoping that he'll read ahead on his own, but he's not that into it. He has a book at school, Number the Stars, which he is enjoying, but I suspect he is on page ten or so.

A has read a lot, and I know he is currently listening to some Percy Jackson book on CD, but he won't admit to anything. He and his teacher are involved in a battle of the books, where he thinks he should be reading all the time, and she thinks he should pay attention when she is talking. I sympathize with him, but repeat that he needs to finish his work before clandestine reading, and that he can't do the work if he has no idea what the assignment is, since he was reading while she explained it. I have suggested that he try a few days in the class without a book, and he has recoiled in horror at my attempt at his total destruction. We'll see how things go.

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Kristen said...

See, now I totally sympathize with A. but then I'm sure you are shocked by that. The only times I ever got in trouble in school were times I was reading and shouldn't have been. ;-)