Monday, September 7, 2009

Tasty But Not Filling

I enjoyed Kat Richardson's second Greywalker book, Poltergeist, but it left me hungry for more. The returning characters are interesting, from Harper, the Seattle detective who can see into the magic world, to the yuppie magic experts wrestling with their toddler (whom Harper dislikes and fears, as she does most children), through Carlos, the scary vampire whom Harper goes to for advice and help. The plot is straight-forward but twisty, with a complicated mystery involving personalities as well as magic complications. I liked the resolution, which involved cleverness, compromises, and regret. And I liked the voice, which kept me turning pages and holding my breath.

The magic itself doesn't work well for me; the Grey that Harper moves through is very physical, and I'm not good at grasping the many layered descriptions. I also wanted more of Harper's background and character; she doesn't have to confront many personal demons this time. There are many hints and shadows to tell me that Richardson knows more than she's telling, so I'll pick up the next ones to find out more. B+

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