Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rebel Flyers: The Girl Who Could Fly

book - the girl who could fly
When I saw Victoria Forester's The Girl Who Could Fly on the shelf during my Reading My Library collection run, it looked familiar.  I thought it was on my TBR list, so I congratulated myself on shooting two birds with one library card, but actually it was familiar because I had ordered it from a school book order some months earlier.  Well, technically it was my kid's order, but I'm fairly sure the hand on the pencil was mine. The fifth grader especially is of the opinion that we have plenty of books already.

So technically, can I move my copy of the book out of my TBR pile and count that? Hmm, ethical challenges for my reading challenges.

Anyway, Forester's book is about kids with superpowers and the government conspiracies against them, so YAY!  Pulling it down a bit was Piper's homespun accent and naive pollyanna-ish demeanor, but as long as the scientists kept messing with the magic kids I kept turning pages.  After a bit of a soggy middle, the final action scenes and split second plot worked really well, and I even enjoyed the happy-ever-after bits.  The door is open to a sequel, and if I convince my older son to try this book he'll probably make sure we find it.  The cover doesn't really appeal to his geeky soul; it's soft and flowing rather than stark and conspiracy-ish.

Also, I'm cranky that I can't identify Piper's home state.  West Virginia? Kentucky mountains? Argh!

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