Saturday, January 14, 2017

Completed Challenges from 2016

Wow, January is half over, and I haven't checked in with any of the reading challenges I was on. That's mainly because I didn't finish most of them, but in many of the cases that wasn't really the plan, so it doesn't bother me that much. For my own sense of closure, here's how they ended:

Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards
Well, I didn't quite finish. I was in good shape going into December, and then I didn't read any of them in the last month. So I'm working on finishing them up before I dive into the new ones.  It's mostly the middle grade books that are left, so I should get through them fairly quickly. I think I officially am 7 books short: two of them are graphic novels, four middle grade SF, and one middle grade fiction.

Reading My Library. This is an eternal quest. I'm in the adult fiction section, and also about half way through adult audio. I am not moving that quickly, but then I'm not too worried about it.

          Where Am I Reading 2016? Again, my complete collapse in December left me about 10 books short. I had what I needed, and I didn't feel like reading it. Oh well, I've marked the missing states and I'll try to start with them in 2017.


I was actually doing two diversity challenges, and I finished the kidlit one easily and never forced myself to read a book of poetry so I didn't complete the adult one. I had the most fun where every month I focussed on one aspect and tried to keep track to see how my reading reflected that. I should do that again this year, although I guess not in January :-)

Surprise Me: I kept forgetting to do this one, so I only read about 2/3 of the books picked randomly from my TBR list. I did like the general idea, so maybe I'll try again.

Oops, I completely forgot I was doing this one. Looks like I accidentally got everything but the Pulitzer winner, and I almost did that one (I read a book by a guy who has won the award, but I didn't realize it wasn't with that book until I got it home).


Completed this one last summer.

Shelf Love: Well, I managed to read about 50 books from my shelves, which is good, but I also managed to buy about 22 books that I haven't read yet, so that's not as promising, although I have some good excuses (sometimes my kids steal books and don't give them back for ages!).

Instead of tracking this, which was a bit of a pain, I will keep up the having of shelving books acquired this year on a special, separate shelf, so I can remind myself that I did want to read these things!

I Love Libraries Reading Challenge, library, books, Bea's Book Nook

I think I finished off with 248 books read from my library. I am definitely a library-addict.

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