Saturday, August 22, 2009

Silly, But No Nightmares

The Anita Blake vampire series by Laurell K Hamilton has become a guilty pleasure of mine. The pages turn easily, but the dialogue and plot are often laugh-out-loud funny. Her characters will very sincerely have the most insane concerns and conversations in the most ludicrous of situations, and the plot constantly throws out multi-colored spurs that rush up blind alleys and then teleport back to the main plot.

At least Skin Trade has a plot -- now that Anita has a very complicated sex life that is no longer a given. This time she travels out of town, and must wait for the next plane to bring her a bevy of lovers to keep her refueled. The book is given up to the hunt for the serial killer vampire that has appeared and escaped in early books. She teams up with the enormously accepting team of assassins that she played with a few books back -- Edward (oops, I mean Ted), Bernardo, and Otto. She puts up with disapproving cops and feds who condemn her for being a woman, not to mention a woman who sleeps around (and around and around and around). But gritty Anita keeps focused on the bad guy, only pausing a few times to play vampire servant or sex fiend (she accidentally enslaves several men; I lost count). It's actually one of the better books in the series for a while. C.

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