Thursday, August 27, 2009

Werewolves are the New Vampires

Patricia Briggs is another fantasy writer lured into the paranormal genre. She has some regular fantasy books, of improving quality, and I met her through her first werewolf series, featuring mechanic and shapeshifter Mercedes. It has complicated love lives, lots of strange creatures, fast plots, and a likable heroine. She likes the setting enough to spin off another character, Anna Latham, whose second book is Hunting Ground.

Hunting Ground does some interesting things. There's the plot, covering werewolf politics, scary vampires, and a mystery, and also there is the developing relationship between Anna and Charles. The couple are forced together by complicated reasons, but they also think they would choose each other. We alternate viewpoints, seeing each one's insecurity and how differently they see the same events. Anna is also relearning her place in werewolf society -- she is a rare Omega wolf, who lives outside the usual hierarchy. I didn't feel the different strands work all that well together, so although I enjoyed each part on its own, I never felt the whole book came together. But it was a fun read, in an interesting world, and I'll keep coming back for more. B.

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