Friday, December 31, 2010

Short a Letter: Crave

J.R. Ward writes the popular Bhlackh Dhaggher Bhrotherhhood books, about brand-conscious tough-guy vampires and their devoted womenfolk and the extra letter "h" in everyone's name. They are page-turning fun and awesomely goofy, so when I saw this new book (Crave (Fallen Angels, Book 2)) I grabbed it. Turns out it's the second book in a different series, about a wager between good guys and bad guys for the fate of the world (I think) with ex-commando angels working with select humans (including some of their non-deceased ex-commando buddies) to see if their souls turn nicey-whitey or baddy-blacky.

I spent a lot of time trying to insert new letters into the commando's names, of course. "J" works well, since it can always be silent.

Perhaps because I came in late (what is the deal with series books refusing to identify themselves?), I didn't find the over-arching plot about the earth-destroying wager interesting at all. I liked the angsty hero, Isaac (aka Isajac) Rothe, who was all "woe is me, I'm an ex-assassin and unworthy" with the heroine, Grier (a "j" would help me pronounce that name, I think), who was all "nobody loved my ghostly drug addict brother like me. Also, my dad never told me he worked for a top-secret evil government agency." I finished the book, although I never had any trouble putting it down, but I have no impulse to seek out the others in the series. I have no idea why this one has the title "Crave" -- I mean, yes, the sexy lovers crave each other, but that hardly distinguishes it from any other paranormal romance book by anyone, let alone the other books in the series (I'm guessing).  C+.

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