Thursday, May 17, 2012

Library Explosion, Redux.

Renton Library
Remember how I completely misjudged the speed of my library holds two weeks ago? Did you think I learned anything? HAHAHAHA. I got so many books last week I gave up before writing a library status. Now I've got a tottering pile of Best books, four different audios going in the car, and a pile of other books I wanted because they looked shiny. Oh, and my Reading My Library quest sent me off to get six new books from the next batch of shelves.

Luckily I recovered this week by mostly ordering up COMIC BOOKS, in honor of seeing The Avengers on Mother's Day. Oh, and a few new Best books, and a book that may take place in South America, because I'm falling behind on my Global challenge. At this rate I'll never get back below my age...

So, I got ten more things from the library, including 2 Best of the Bests, that Caribbeans book from New and Interesting, Joss Wheden's X-Men books, a bunch of The Ultimates, and whatever else my seventh grader snabbled before I could record them. Oh, and a Perry Mason for my book club.

This brings me to a total of um, 64 items out on my card, plus a lot of ebooks that I'm in denial about. That's actually even more than the age the 5K organizers a few weeks ago thought I was, so I need to take action. I have made a bargain with myself (I already broke it once) that if my library exposure is less than my age, I can buy a book that week. 

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