Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ready For December

Renton LibraryDespite my claim that this month I'm devoting to managing my library tally, I've almost doubled the books I have out. On the plus side, if I read them all in December, I'll manage to finish most of my challenges. On the minus side, I probably won't have time for other small parts of life, like Christmas decorating, baking, and gift-shopping. We must all choose our priorities, after all. I probably won't consult the rest of the family on this, in case their selfish desires keep me from my Grinch impersonation this year.

I did have the fun of doing the library run in a rush with my son while printing out his school assignment. Since he can never find his library card, I was tasked with logging into the printers while he went off to get my holds. His exaggerated stumbles under the load of books were mostly fake, I'm pretty sure, as were his pleading whispers for a chiropractor. Actually, there were only eight books, which means fewer than last week, but I think he was trying for some sort of point that I've obviously missed.

So, after hogging an entire shelf of the holds bookcase, I came home with:
Image of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of item
Image of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of item
  • Almost Home, Joan Bauer. Another Cybils kidlit finalist. And another dog story, it looks like.
  • Chomp, Carl Hiassen. Another Cybils finalist. Kidlit.
  • The Last Dragonslayer, Jasper Fforde. Cybils kidlit finalist. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  • The Last Present, Wendy Mass. This is mostly for my niece, who already bore it off.
Also, I got two music CDs, in case I ever finish my audio book..

This means I now have 62 things out on my library cards, which is well over my age so I'm not allowed to buy any books this week. At least it's still under my mother's age, and not even close to my grandmother's. I'll go share my Library Loot at the event co-hosted by Claire from the Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader, where all the library addicts compare their treasures. And I think I'll sign up at Tynga's Stacking the Shelves, which asks for all the books acquired, which this week is just the library stuff.

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