Saturday, February 1, 2014

Alphabetically Inclined

So, as I was idly sorting my TBR bookshelf, I checked to see if I had a book for each letter of the alphabet, title-wise. And surprise, I nearly did! (I have no unread books starting with the letter Z). Clearly I should join an A-Z challenge to inspire me to read some of these. I picked the 2014 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge  because I liked Dollycas's soup picture.

I'll start out only using books from my shelves, but I'll have no qualms about pulling in library books if I need them.

UPDATE: Well, it's 2015 and I didn't finish. I also didn't use any of my library reads. Instead, I'm going to continue on with the count, but mark the books from my shelves that I read in 2015 in purple. So eventually I hope to finish, and in the meantime it will be a record of what I read that I own. And now 2016 will be in maroon. 2017, BLUE. 2018.

A: Attitude, Almost a Bride, Always Abigail, About that Night, Avatar the Last Airbender 6, Anna of Byzantium, Awakening to the Sacred, All-of-a-Kind Family Uptown, Afternoon of the Elves, Assassin's Salvation, Alpha, Adulthood Rites, All Systems Red
B: (Broken Homes) (Balanced on the Blade's Edge) Boy Who Dared, Blood and Betrayal, Big Nate Strikes Again, Bird Lake Moon, Big Nate on a Roll, Book Thief, Blake: Huts of America, Breakout, Bronze Gods, Blood Bound, Bet Me, Bone Crossed, But Can the Phoenix Sing?, Bearly Cooking, Black Wolves of Boston, The Body in the Library, Burn Bright, Buried Bones, Bone Dry, Beneath the Sugar Sky
C: Catching Fire, Cryoburn, Cathedral of the Wild, Cyrano de Bergerac, Cupcakes Trinkets and Other Deadly Magic, Child of the Ghosts, Castle in the Air, Castaway Planet, Cruel Miracles, Coraline, Child of Fire, Comrade Don Camillo, Cry Wolf, Collapsing Empire
D: The Dragon and the George, Developing Standards-Based Report Cards, Decider, The Danger, Dead Heat, Day Shift, Dead Man Walking, Dog Warrior, Day Shift, Dragon Bones, Discount Armageddon, Decider
E: Ella Enchanted, Exo, Avatar the Lost Scrolls: Earth, Every Heart a Doorway, Elfhome
F: Forbidden Rose, Fierce Reads Anthology, Flying Finish, Forged in Blood, Fire-Touched, Five Thousand Years of Slavery, Friendly Gables, Find Me, Firewing, Flowers of Adonis, Flag in Exile, Faro's Daughter, Fair Game, Frankenstein, Fledgling, Flowers of Vashnoi
G: Great and Terrible Quest, General Theory of Love, Goblin Emperor X 2, Golden Leopard, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, Galactic Derelict, Game of Cages, (George), Giant Pumpkin Suite
H: Heart of a Woman, Heart of Steel, Horizon, How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, How to Tell if Your Cat Is Trying to Kill You, Howl's Moving Castle, Hild, Havoc, Here Lies the Librarian, Hunting Ground, Harmful to Minors
I: If I'm Jewish and You're Christian What Are the Kids?, I Lived on Butterfly Hill, I Could Do Anything, In the Black, Iron Kissed, I Go By Sea I Go By Land, Innocent
J: The Jury, The Just City, Julie of the Wolves
K: The King's Name, Keep Me Forever, Knight-napped, King and Joker
L: Love Bites (My Sister the Vampire), Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Lost Enchantment, Last Holiday Concert, Lumberjanes, Laura's Wolf, Lock In, Little Plum, Liaden Universe Constellation Vol 3, The Long WInter
M: My Real Children, Matilda, Matter for Men, Mouse Called Wolf, The Martian, Mercenary Instincts, Midnight Crossroad, Midnight Blue, Mystic and Rider, Moon Called, Moonshiner's Son, The Marvels, Mira's Last Dance, Mrs. Pollifax On Safari, 
N: Nory Ryan's Song, (Night Broken), NERDS, Nine Princes in Amber
O: One Week Girlfriend, Old Men at Midnight, Bone 1: Out of Boneville, October Country, Over Sea Under Stone, 101 Famous Poems, The Ordeal of Change, One False Note, Out of the Cold, Out of Tune
P: The Prize in the Game, Perdition, Pickwick Papers, Paddington At Large, Penric's Demon, Plague of Doves, Prisoner, Parallax, Penric and the Shaman, Project Elfhome, Penric's Mission, Penric's Fox, The Price of Meat, Parasite
Q: Quatrain
R: The Robe of Skulls, Return of Tarzan, Raven Boys, Radio Fifth Grade, Rogue, Return of Santa Paws, Royal Airs, Rob Roy, Republic, Ruins of Karzelek, River Marked, The Rancher's Lady, Rebel
S: The Second Spy, Shadows, Son of Neptune, Shadows and Dreams, Santa Paws to the Rescue, Sackett Brand, A Stranger's Gift, A Secret Soldier, Shades of Milk and Honey, Spilling Clarence, Starry River in the Sky, Star Nomad, Star Trek 2, Songs of the Gorilla Nation, Steal the Dragon, Sweep in Peace
T: Tarzan of the Apes, Thousand Pieces of Gold, Tinker, Tell the Wind and Fire, The Time Traders The Thirteenth Unicorn, The Time Machine, Touching My Father's Soul, Three on the Run, The Three-Body Problem, The Twisted Path
U: Unspoken. Untold, Ultra, Uprooted, Uncovering You: Contract, Under the Same Stars, Under the Egg
W: Who Stole Grandma's Million-Dollar Pumpkin Pie?, Welcome to the Ark, War for the Oaks, We Are Not Eaten By Yaks, World Outside, Wide Open, Why Pro-Life?, What the Dormouse Said, Wildflower, Wrong Way Around Magic, Waiting For the Party, Whisper of Magic, White Night, World of Ptavvs, Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits, The War that Saved My Life, When Demons Walk, Wood Sprites, Wolf Who Rules, Wrinkle in Time, 
Y: Yonder Comes the Other End of Time

23/26:  V X  Z

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