Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Frozen Library Day. Okay, Chilly Library Day

Image of Renton

SNOW! Falling from the sky! On my house! Heck, on me! I realize that for much of the country this is insignificant, but where I prefer to pretend that I come from, this is horrific. (Or wonderful, if you ask the children, but I only do that when I approve of their answer.)

The picture of my library that you see was not taken recently, which accounts for the lack of ice bergs crashing into the poles.

This is Week Six of the Triple Dog Dare, a time for resisting all new books, so again my trip to the library was an exercise in resisting temptation. Surprisingly enough, I was successful. I know it's crazy to go to the library every week, both because I have so many unread books at home and because I always find several weeks worth of reading, never mind that I'm attempting to AVOID adding new reading to my pile for a few months. But there is something meditative about seeing all the possibilities, knowing that any of these books has the potential of blowing my mind and soul wide open, or delivering me a slice of life I'd otherwise not glimpse. It's relaxing knowing that these opportunities are there, even if I'm not going to take advantage of them. Today.

The New Kids
Brave Journeys at a High School For Immigrant Teens, Brooke Hauser. This is the next Alex book (published for adults, but librarians recommend it to teens) from the 2012 list. So far I haven't been overwhelmed by this list, but maybe this nonfiction will tempt me.

Look Up! Birdwatching In Your Own Backyard, Annette LeBlanc Cate. Another Cybils finalist for nonfiction picture books. I'd better get cracking on making the kids read these.

How Big Were Dinosaurs?, Lita Judge. Got it right this time! Last week I accidentally ordered up a twenty year old picture book by the same name, and probably killed that copy because I noticed a missing page. It was cute though.

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