Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time is Relative: I Can Read Anything I Want

My attempt to get a grip on my library TBR pile had a bit of a set-back.  Not a major one, since most of these books are quick reads that I probably can read in the next few weeks.  Heck, many of them are picture books, which don't even take time to read.  Yes, this is not a problem for me at all.  But I have officially given up on the age limit thing I've been babbling about this year.

The Cybils challenge keeps a lot of books heading my way.  By the way, the winners have been announced!  I only glanced at them so that I'm not unduly influenced.  Books I got for that include:
  • Meanwhile, by Jason Shiga.  Graphic novel winner, and really neat hyperlinked-paper concept.
  • Mercury, by Hope Larson.  YA graphic novel.
  • Belly Up, by Stuart Gibbs.  Any book with a hippopotamus on the cover appeals to me. (Snatched by the fourth grader.)
Books that I ordered just because I like 'em:
  • Cagebird, by Karin Lowachee.  Sequel to Burndive, and also completes the series (so far)
  • Everytime a Rainbow Dies, by Rita Williams-Garcia.  From my online TBR list.
  • Alien Tango, by Gini Koch.  Because her first book was fun.
  • Clementine, Friend of the Week, by Sara Pennypacker.  Because Clementine books all rock.
  • The High King of Montival, by S.M. Stirling.  Because I've read all the other books.  I seem to have jumped about twenty five places on the hold list for this one; I really wasn't expecting it for several weeks.
  • Unshapely Things, Mark Del Franco.  Because a friend recommended it.
  • Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief (audio).  To evaluate for car trip purposes.
I also picked up some picture books as part of my Read-the-library mission.  So far several have proved to be big hits:
  • Furious George Goes Bananas.  A cruel parody of the monkey book.  Four 
  • Little Black Crow.  X picked this to read in the car.
  • Frankenstein Takes the Cake.  X also picked this one, but was horribly disillusioned to find it was poetry.  My little philistine.
  • And Tango Made Three.  I have three kids are trying to figure out why the book gets banned.  One suggestion is that it depicts a penguin birth.
  • Sergio Makes a Splash.  Another penguin book to keep Tango company.
  • The Biggest Frog in Australia.  X and I have fond memories of another Tiddilik book.
  • Rain School.  Nice cover.
  • Tarzan.  I have a Xan of my own, so I have a fondness for the Tar version.
  • Give a Goat.  I like goat books, probably because of my sons' Greek heritage.
  • Baloney (Henry P).  I like Scieszka.
And a handful of CDs, including a Warren Zevon and Kidz Bop 8.  I do like listening to my fourth graders discuss what situations would require lawyers, guns and money, and what is the proper order in which to apply these saving materials.  The conversation with the second grader about how Roland manages without his head was also priceless.  I mean, how does he eat?

I should go link everything, but honestly I don't think anyone cares and I'm tired.  Even putting the pictures in seems to much work today; they should appear when I review the books.  See how confident I am?

Library Elf says I now have 71 things checked out, so I sure hope I have my mother's age wrong.  Maybe I should go with my grandmother?  Worryingly, that includes a CD we thought we turned in.  It's either somewhere in the car or the library missed it.  I'll go sign up for Library Loot at the Captive Reader, although this page without pictures is a sad addition.


Birgit said...

Ooh we love Tango Makes Three. You know the South being the hotbed of gay lovin'.... Well New Orleans probably is and thankfully my kids think nothing of gay & lesbian couples and loved the idea of the little gay penguin couple :) But it did get banned which is of course why I bought 3 copies of it!

I say to h*ll with the age limit thingy. There's no such thing as too many books. Although I haven't seen the inside of Kristen's house yet so maybe there is...

Susan said...

you are under mom's age...remember she had a birthday last week.