Monday, May 9, 2011

Mondays in May

Each Monday Sheila at Book Journey asks about how the reading week went -- what people read, what they are reading, what they will read.  This May has been rainy and cold, and I find myself just dipping into rereads insteadof concentrating on new reading.  With an overwhelming library pile this is not a good thing. 

What did I read?
  • Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales, short stories by Tamora Pierce
  • Flying Solo, kidlit book about six graders running their class for a day with no teacher
  • Betti on the High Wire, next Cybils middle grade book
  • Dirt Road Home, my first Cybils YA
  • Dead Reckoning, the next Sookie Stackhouse
What trends do I see? I'm lazy.  On the plus size, my currently reading pile is trending downward, which is a good thing.

Right now I'm reading: 
  • Cagebird, Karin Lowachee. Leftover from trip.
  • Unshapely Things, Mark Del Franco.  Urban fantasy in Massachusetts.  I misplaced it for a while.
  • Virtual Community, Howard Rheingold.  Book about the Well in the 90's.  Interesting perspective.
  • Curse of the Wolf Girl, Martin Millar, recommended by Jenny's books
  • Tinker, Wen Spencer.  Reread for book club.
  • Queen's Play, Dorothy Dunnet, my library Nook book, which disappeared. Must re-check out
  • Territory, Emma Bull (vacation book)
  • Hammered, Elizabeth Bear (vacation book)
  • Bad Prince Charlie, John Moore (vacation book)
  • Interior Life, Katherine Blake (vacation book) 
  • The Rogue's Return, Jo Beverly (vacation book)
  • The Hob's Bargain, Patricia Briggs (vacation book)
  • The Secret Duke, Jo Beverly.  Found under my bedside table with a bookmark.
  • How I Met My Countess, Elizabeth Boyle.  Also found.
I'm just poking at the vacation books; mostly I'm reading the top four.  I've got the new Walsh/Sayers on my list, as well as some books due next week. I may have to do some fast reading tomorrow if I can't renew some stuff.  I also think I'll pull out some nonfiction from my TBR piles.

Quick stats on my Challenges:
A-Z: 26/52.  Halfway!
Cybils: 38/76.  Halfway!
Global Reading Challenge:  9/21. I'm counting everything I've read so far.
Michigan: 1/2.  Halfway!  Review waiting to be posted.
Once Upon a Time: 8/5.  I'm listing them before reviewing them.
Read Around the World: 9/20.  Half of my books will end up being Ranger's Apprentice books.  I'm signing up for a setting challenge because authors are hard. 
Science Book Challenge: 1/3.141...  I'll probably use a children's science book for the fraction.
Stream: 3/3.  I found another biography in the references for my next read.
Take a Chance: 3/10. My dad had the Economist's Best of the Year 2010 list, which helps.
20/11: 16/20. Piece of cake!
What's In a Name?: 4/6.  This is taking much longer than I thought it would!
Where Am I Reading?: 19/50.  Argh! I went back to Alabama, Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts, but no new states. 

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Anne Bennett said...

You are reading 12 books at one time? Argh. I thought I was doing bad reading five at once. Busy girl.