Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly People: Hit List

I continue to read Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series, but clearly it is not for the plot.  Or the setting.  Or the characterization.  Well, maybe the latter -- I love seeing what they do and why they think they do it.  I wonder whether Hamilton giggles while she writes her scenes or if she means them sincerely, and I really hope she is giggling.

The latest installment, Hit List (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 20), includes some plot -- bad guys are killing people for no particular reason, and Anita and some other Federal Marshals are traveling the country to stop them.  There is racing around in the woods, a kidnapping, and a rescue.  We get reunions with old characters such as Edward and his band of crazy assassins, as well as an emergency contingent of folks from St Louis to backup Anita and also maybe to sleep with her, although she makes new friends easily enough to prevent that necessity.

We also get important fashion tips -- if (female) you are spending the night with a (male) colleague but need to borrow clothes, it is OK to wear boxer shorts even if wearing underwear spoils the line of the over sized t-shirt you are sleeping in.  Most women probably wouldn't, since we are all so very concerned with looks, but if you are a wacko-prude like Anita, forgive yourself and cover your privates while sharing a room with a male co-worker.

Also, police officers feel more comfortable with women if they have a complete list of all their lovers.  After all, if a woman sleeps with anyone but not with all the male policemen, it's a huge insult that dwarfs minor issues like serial killers or vampire attacks or bombs.  And if a woman is flirting with a man, and another woman who works with the man tries to warn her off with hints that the guy is actually kinda dangerous, the only possible reaction is to push that jealous bitch out of the way so as to get the number of the creepy guy.  Hey, we've all been there, right?  Men are a scarce commodity!  La la la la la.

I shelve these books with the "The Cat Who" series, in the category "So Bad They're Awesome."

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