Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wings Done Right: Archangel's Consort

archangel's consortNalini Singh has a pretty big name in the werewolf-lover paranormal scene, but I don't seem to mesh with her biggest series.  I am enjoying her angel books, with ruthless, often malicious archangels divvying up the world between them while regular humans pretend real hard that what they do still matter.  Angels can turn people into vampires, but they only do it at a price, and when vampires try to avoid the price, angels call in Guild-Hunters such as our heroine to hunt them down.

Only by book three, Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter), Elena is too busy to do much hunting (she helps out on occasion) because she has married (sorta) the biggest, baddest archangel (named Raphael, of course) on the planet.  And was turned into an angel herself, complete with wings.  A lot of the book is spent with her trying to learn to use her wings, training both in their use and in doing everything she used to do only now with large cumbersome wings on her back.  Meanwhile other archangels conspire to ruin the world, and the oldest of them all may be awakening with plans to turn everyone insane.  Oh, and Elena's dad is still annoying.  I quite liked the over dramatic plot, with interludes for Elena to be tough and sarcastic with various of her Raphael's flunkies, who have hot names like Venom and Illium, and which has both Elena and Raphael confronting their mommy issues.  Unfortunately, the book frequently grinds to a halt so Elena and Raphael can have rather dull sex.  I feel like someone who reads Playboy for the articles and grumps about skipping through all the glossy pages to find the continuation on page blah blah blah.  

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