Monday, October 31, 2011

Status Check!

It's been over a month since I did a Monday status check about what I'm reading, have read, and what to read, and I want to clear the decks.  So, here is what I've read in October, and most of September:
There's a clear pattern -- I am not an intellectual.  What am I reading right now? Not that much:
  • One Door Away From Heaven, by Dean Koontz, a present from the school bus driver
  • Witch Eyes, Scott Tracey, for an online book club
  • Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom, Tim Byrd, for Reading My Library
  • If You're Reading This, It's Too Late, Pseudonymous Bosch, another Reading My Library pick
  • Reckless, Cornelia Funke, library book on my NOOK, also a Cybils nominee
  • Heat, Nancy Holder.  A fiction Buffy book.
  • Flux, Kim Fielding.  Another ebook.
  • Slave Empire: Prophecy, T.C. Southwell. More B&N freebies for my NOOK.
  • The Terrorists of Irustan, Louise Marley.  Bedside book.
  • The Secret Duke, Jo Beverley.  Another glacial read.
  • How I Met My Countess, Elizabeth Boyle.  I'm trying to avoid reading so I don't learn that the big MISUNDERSTAND was that the man was not aware of how babies are made.
  • The End of Racism, Dinesh D'Souza.
What will I read next? I'm frantically trying to finish off the Cybils challenge, the alphabet challenge, and the 50 States challenge.  While plugging along on reading my library and working my way down my TBR list, but occasionally those help out in the challenges.  Somehow my library check-outs exploded again, but I hope to someday address that.

A-Z: 44/52. Just need to review my "Z" title.  I can't believe I haven't read any "N" authors all year.
Cybils: 66/76. And I'm reading one more right now.
Global Reading Challenge:14/21. Going for kids books here. I'm reading a South America book.
Read Around the World: 21/20. Done!
Science Book Challenge: 3.141/3.141... Done! And hey, Switch is sorta science. I should add that.
Stream: 3/3, 1/3, 3/3, 3/3.  I have to figure out how to register myself as done.
Take a Chance: 9/10. Time for a random walk!
20/11: 20/20. Done! 
What's In a Name?: 6/6.  Done!
Where Am I Reading?: 33/50. Seventeen to go.  Any good Virginia stories out there?

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