Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Men, Fish, and Cycles: The Last Man 2

Y - The Last Man 23 - Widow's Pass 03 - 00 - FC.jpgI confess that I'm only slightly interested in the ongoing saga of Y:The Last Man, a comic I'd seen recommended on  But since I'm a list-checker, I automatically ordered up Brian Vaughan's second volume Y: The Last Man, Vol. 2: Cycles after I read the first.  Now I've got X hooked on them, so I guess I'll keep them coming.

The second book established that Yorick's sister Hero is no hero, but a weak willed murderer.  Not all women are bad; a bunch of ex-convicts show true grit.  Yorick himself is mostly anti-killing, even when it might be a good idea. He still doesn't see it as his job to repopulate the planet, and since we don't know why all the males died, maybe it wouldn't work anyway. He may get some help in that department, since some guy astronauts are returning from their mission.

The pictures are a bit too gruesome for my taste, especially when the Evil Amazon women (such as Hero) are shooting people in the face and whatnot.  Also, Yorick is still a goofball.

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