Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Family Stories: Clementine and the Family Meeting

Sara Pennypacker puts out the next installment of Clementine's life, and I admit that things are getting a bit repetitive.  Clementine is still the bright bundle of energy, but many of her patterns are set -- she's a good older sister, she calls her brother vegetable names (I can't remember his real name any more), her parents are kind, understanding, and strict, and her school is endlessly patient.

In Clementine and the Family Meeting, most of the big problems fall onto Clementine, rather than having her create them, which slows down the urgency a bit. She manages to deal with delusional science partners, missing laboratory rats, and a changing family situation, but I still wanted her to cause the problems that she wrestles with.  I'll leave the book out for the boys; it's a nice quick snack of reading that no one could regret.

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