Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friends Despite Themselves: Ivy and Bean

When I'm doing my Reading-My-Library shelf crawl and I see a book I've been sort of meaning to read for  a while, I tend to grab it.  Annie Barrow's Ivy + Bean starts a series of early chapter books that I didn't notice until my sons were out of that genre, so they weren't a huge priority of mine, and I also got them confused with some other series about two girls that I liked but didn't love.  But when I saw them on the B shelf they clearly were their own thing and a thing I hadn't read yet.  So I grabbed what turned out to be the first one, and found it charming.

Ivy and Bean are two little girls who live near each other on a cul-de-sac.  Their parents are accidentally waging a campaign to keep them apart by constantly urging the girls to play together, which makes them instinctively draw away.  But when Bean is on the run from some mischief Ivy steps up to save the day, and the girls soon find that their parents were completely wrong and they do belong together.  My favorite part of the book is seeing how Ivy organizes her room into different sections that reflect her current interests.  Maybe I'll try some of Barrow's adult fiction now that I see how much fun she has in the kidlit arena.

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