Sunday, November 6, 2011

Library Loot!

I've been forgetting to note my library loot, although I haven't been forgetting to go to the library.  I've even snuck in a few extra trips when my car accidentally swerved into the parking lot, or when we only averted book-store induced bankruptcy by driving directly to the library to get the new releases that snuck up on us.

November is a very slack month for schooling, so I hope to get a lot of extra time in for reading.  My kids just got a new baby sister via their dad, so it is possible they will spend a little extra time here to allow the adults over there to sleep more.

I'm getting serious about my incomplete challenges, so most of my reading is centered there.  Not that I'm stopping my Reading My Library adventure, or the nibbling at my TBR list that I keep on GOODREADS. But I keep plugging along:
  • Rosa's Bus, Jo Kittinger.  Random Walk book for Take a Chance.
  • Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off. Jacquiline Jules.  A Cybils book.
  • An Unspeakable Crime, Elaine Marie Alphin.  Another Cybils book.
  • Some Girls Are,  Courtney Summers.  Cybils book.
  • Stolen, Lucy Christopher.  Still another Cybils book.
  • The Wager, Donna Jo Napoli.  Yet another Cybils book.
  • The Shadows, Jacqueline West.  Cybils book!
  • Ice Wager, Robin White.  I got another book for the Take a Chance because I thought a picture book felt a bit cheap.
  • Eutopia, David Nickle.  Author's name: N. Setting: Idaho. Two-fer!
  • Tempering of Men, Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear.  If two brilliant authors collaborate on a book, and then it shows up on the library new books shelf while I'm waffling between buying it in hardback or for my NOOK, then I grab it.
  • The Blessing of a B-, Wendy Mogel.  Parenting book that probably agrees with my general philosophy, so it will be pleasing to read.  And maybe have some good advice.
  • The Male Brain, Louanne Brizendine.  No idea how I got this, but it looks OK.
  • The Romeo and Juliet Code, Phoebe Stone.  I got this to read at the school showing of Gnomeo but I ended up working concessions and didn't have to watch anyway.  I bet that just like in the movie not everyone dies at the end.
  • Clementine and the Family Meeting, Sara Pennypacker.  And I read it already, so it's filling up my library shelf.
    Marg at The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Clare from The Captive Reader take turns with the linky for Library Loot. That's where all us library lovers go to compare our hauls for the week.

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    Birgit said...

    Wow Beth -- how are the boys taking their new sister? That's quite a list... I've been so overwhelmed with work reading it's cutting in to my own time, sigh.