Sunday, June 5, 2011

Book 10: Treachery in Death

I'm a bit overdosed on J.D. Robb, having accidentally read the previous book and a short story I found on the library's ebook list very recently. But she goes down quickly, so I grabbed Treachery in Death for one of my final books. It dragged a bit at the end, which made it rather a poor choice, but was also easy to read as kids popped in and out while mowing the lawn or trying to fix art equipment or wanted to know where I hid the frozen pizzas (in the freezer).

Eve and Roarke catch the bad guy, have good sex, quarrel but make up, per usual. Peabody worries about her weight, and Eve's old boyfriend in IAD finds a girlfriend. Oh, baby Bella learns to say "Dallas." Sorry to spoil it!

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