Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bros Before Ho(rror)s: Nightlife

Nightlife Web 1244x2000 Book Series: The Cal Leandros, Chimera and Trickster NovelsRob Thurman writes an urban fantasy series about two brothers standing together against things that go bump in the night.   came in midway with her entry point Blackout, where she gives younger brother Cal amnesia so she has a chance to gradually bring people up to date. That one was fun enough that I picked up Nightlife (Cal Leandros, Book 1) on a later trip to the library.

It was interesting seeing the same backstory through a different lens; a lot of what Cal slowly pierces together later happens in this book and a lot of the things the men did to protect each other have more resonance now that I see more of the memories behind the actions. It does teeter on the edge of too much emotional handwringing, and I hope some book somewhere addresses where the older brother got some of his awesomeness, but it was a nice book to help me glide through my reading slump. I'll probably eventually read the rest of Thurman's books.  B+

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