Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Bit Funny: This Is a Book

So, last year, when I allowed myself to pick up books on impulse when the library dangled them at me, in the happy days before my TBR Dare started, I saw a cute looking book and picked it up: Demetri Martin's This is a Book by Demetri Martin.  I had a vague feeling that he was on the Daily Show or something.  He doesn't seem that proud of it though; there's no mention of it on his web page, for example.

It's a collection of sketches, pictures, and musings, sometimes funny, although mostly at the smile level, not laugh out loud material.  I dipped into it on and off over several days, as a little was quickly sufficient, and even worse, he frequently returns to a shtick involving a annoying aggressively stupid man-hits-on-women-who-are-only-sex-objects bit, which was so clearly not aimed at me as an audience that I'd wonder why I was still reading the book.  What a waste of a now limited resource -- library books!

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