Sunday, August 8, 2010


I managed to finish another Honor Harrington book by David Weber. Well, actually, Storm from the Shadows (Disciples of Honor) is a Honorverse book, meaning it doesn't center on Honor herself but on a few dozen people in her universe. Yes, I know center and few dozen don't really belong in the same sentence; that was one of the problems I had with the book. Honor Harrington is a space captain zooming around several space empires in an ongoing space-opera.

The plot follows the manipulations of the evil Manpower group, who have secretly infiltrated several societies and are pulling strings to bring everyone to war while launching their own top-secret attack. Unfortunately, the story is buried beneath hundreds of pages of repetition, with identical banter being exchanged by dozens of officers and bureaucrats and evilness plotted out in huge detail and super space weapons being explained and launched and good heavens! somebody free this poor two hundred page book from its thousand page straight jacket.

It is a very strange brain space to be in when I come out of a Laurell Hamilton story and a David Weber book with much the same reaction. C-

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