Monday, February 24, 2014


2aThis blog has been quiet for a week while I vacation in Disneyland with my family. This is my fourth time there this decade, and I've been transformed from a skeptic to an enthusiast. Not only did I have fun with the rides and displays, but I also got to see my kids being awesome and amazing. They were patient. They didn't complain about all the walking. They (mostly) humored their little cousin. Even when they got sick, they (well, he, I'm talking about X now) handled it with patience and good humor, resting when he had to and enjoying what he could. I'm very proud of my kids and niblings!

Since many of the lines are long, I did manage to finish a few things there, plus all the reading I do on the plane rides there and back again. And while driving off to visit my grandmother and aunt, both of whom looked wonderful.

I'll sign in at Book Journey and Teach Mentor Texts since I want to see what everyone else is reading this month. Despite spending the weekend talking and listening instead of reading, I managed to finish a few things:
  • Mirror, Mirror, (anthology). I got it for the J.D. Robb story, but they were all OK.
  • The Fierce Reads Anthology. YA
  • The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, N.K. Jemisin. SF
  • Black Duck, Janet Taylor Lisle. YA
  • Attitude, Robin Stevenson. YA
What am I currently reading? Six books in my bag, plus an audio.
  • Shadows, Robin McKinley. I am savoring this.
  • The Prize in the Game, Jo Walton. Another book I am slowly enjoying, because I know it will be beautiful but also tragic.
  • Love, Ruby Lavender, Deborah Wiles. Kidlit. A Reading-My-Library Quest book about a lonely nine year old. And chickens.
  • A Girl's Guide to Vampires, Katie MacAlister. NOOK The current Vaginal Fantasy pick, which is making me laugh out loud at frequent intervals.
  • Almost a Bride, Patricia McLinn. NOOK. A romance book that I hope will soon make me forget what a ninny the protagonist is (her secret reason for marrying the hero? She needed a speedy address change, and apparently in Wyoming marrying someone is a faster route than I don't know, renting someplace & moving).
  • Replay, Ken Grimwood. NOOK I think Jo Walton recommended this interesting SF story about a man who keeps repeating his life.
  • Mrs. Pollifax on Safari, Dorothy Gilman. I wanted a thin paperback book to carry around Disney, and this was perfect.
  • Lord of Mountains, S.M. Stirling. Another paperback I brought for the trip, which coincidently is due this week so I'd better get on it.
  • The Return of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Since I reread Tarzan of the Apes last week, I wanted to finish off the first romance arc. This one is even cheesier.
  • Rotters, Daniel Kraus. Audio. Nope, we both dislike it. Now that dad has gone stupid-crazy because it is important for the boy to despise him. No, it makes no sense with his previous characterization. That is not something this book worries about when there are gross things to be described!
Reading intermittently, and deliberately slowly:
  • Radio Fifth Grade, Gordon Korman. Uh oh, the mean teacher has expressed interest in the show.
  • Out to Canaan, Jan Karon. It's a race to retire!
  • Keep Me Forever, Rosemary Laurey. The werewolf lover must meet the clan.
  • A General Theory of Love, Thomas Lewis. Experiments on happiness.
  • The Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens. Not making me chuckle.
  • How To Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, Orson Scott Card.  How history and science can improve your plot and characters.
What's up next? First I need to whittle down that long list above -- now that I'm not traveling anymore I can finish stuff up. Then I'll put Georges by Dumas on my NOOK, and maybe New Kids for the next on my Best Books list. I also need a book that starts with F for a challenge, so I'll grab one off my shelves.

2014 Challenges:
  1. TBR Triple Dog Dare: 10. Made it to 10 -- next goal is fifteen.
  2. Cybils: 15/77. Still finishing the last nonfiction picture book, which is actually a chapter book. Just picked up a stack of Early Readers.
  3. Where Am I Reading? 10/51. Another Rhode Island! Life is mocking me this year.
  4. What's In a Name?: 4/6. Does Tarzan count as a personal name?
  5. Book Bingo: 11 Squares. TBR is a problem, but New Releases is a bigger one.
  6. Alphabetically Inclined: 7/26. A is for Attitude.
  7. Gentle Spectrums: 2/10, 1/10. Black Duck is a color!
  8. Reading My Library:  Reading Love, Ruby Lavender, which kindly takes place in Mississippi.
  9. Best of the Best 2012: 49/25.  On to next disc of Rotters. Wow, 13 discs is an awful lot. The narrator does a good job with character voices and tone, though. Too bad I'm not liking the story -- horror is not my genre and hearing it out loud makes it worse for me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unspeakably Delightful

Untold UnspokenThe Cybils brought me to Sarah Rees Brennan, who is probably now my favorite YA author. Her Demon's Lexicon was on the 2009 finalists lists, which was good because I'm fairly sure the cover would never had gotten me to read it (who was that emo-lipped boy? Certainly not Nick). I've since given it as a gift many times, although when I give it to boys I tend to put a slip cover on it. Luckily the soft cover involves swords rather than swooning. I love her characters-- they are funny but real, taking their lives seriously even when their dialogue makes me laugh out loud. Everything feels important and authentic, even when the characters are fighting demon possession or discovering that magic is real and deadly.

Anyway, I gobbled up her entire Demon's Lexicon series, enjoying the way she took risks with her characters and her story, letting the stakes be real and the dangers sharp, tracing the reality of emotions and identity through her story of magic and possessions. If you haven't read The Demon's Lexicon, The Demon's Covenant, and The Demon's Surrender, go do so. Even if you don't like the covers.

Then she wrote Team Human with Justine Larbalestier, which means I now can hand my friends a book about teen vampire love without cringing. And it means that I discovered a new author.

Her current series is a gothic story about evil sorcerers,  English sheep country, and the dark underside of imaginary friends. The first two are out -- Unspoken and Untold, and they are full of wonderful people, such and Angela, the beautiful girl with the grace of a lion. Wait, I meant the laziness of a lion. Kami Glass, who should teach a detective school with Veronica Mars. Jared and Ash Lynburn, two boys who look alike but react as opposites. Bad guys who sometimes win. Good guys who sometimes do terrible things. Teens who had love lives but still manage to fight evil. Older brothers who protect their sister's friend, for reasons that make sense to both adults and their teenage son, who also loves these books.

And if I haven't convinced you to read them yet (although why not, the kindle editions are only $8), you can try the short story THE TURN OF THE STORY  Brennan has been throwing on her blog as a gift to her readers. Or listen to Mark read the first few bits here.

Monday, February 17, 2014

School's Out For a Week!

I didn't make a status post last week for the very sad reason that I didn't read anything. Nothing. Not even a picture book. Well, I didn't finish anything, although I picked up and put down a lot of books. So this week I settled myself down and actually finished a few things. It helped that the library called some things home, and I had to run a book club for my elementary school, so I had outside factors pushing me along.

I'll sign in at Book Journey and Teach Mentor Texts since I want to see what everyone else is reading this month. Despite spending the weekend talking and listening instead of reading, I managed to finish a few things:
  • The Ghost's Grave, Peg Kehret. Kidlit. For my elementary school book club, which is picking from the books in this year's Battle of the Books.
  • Blood Oranges, Kathleen Tierney. SF
  • Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs. For my regular book club.
  • The Second Spy: The Books of Elsewhere 3, Jacqueline West. Kidlit.
  • Defender (Kris Longknife 11), Mike Shepherd. SF
I also read a handful of nonfiction picture books for my Cybils finalist challenge:
What am I currently reading? Six books in my bag, plus an audio.
  • Mirror, Mirror. Short stories with a fairy tale theme. I read the J.D. Robb one, and now I have to finish the others by my next library day.
  • Shadows, Robin McKinley. Finally I get to read this!
  • The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, N.K. Jemison. Book club was a long time ago, but I'll just watch it late. And not finish the next book either, it looks like. Oops.
  • Black Duck, Janet Lisle. Dead bodies come, and then they go.
  • The Prize in the Game, Jo Walton. From my shelves, although I've read a library copy. I love the Sulien books.
  • Fierce Reads Anthology. NOOK. Short stories still aren't giving me a sense of urgency.
  • Rotters, Daniel Kraus. Audio. Nope, we both dislike it. And the boy just did something stupid because it was necessary to make the plot go that way, which annoys me more when I hear it than when I read it.
Reading intermittently, and deliberately slowly:
  • Radio Fifth Grade, Gordon Korman. The teacher notices they all get the same answers wrong, but no one admits to copying. Which is fair, since they are just listening to the radio show.
  • Out to Canaan, Jan Karon. It's a race to retire!
  • Keep Me Forever, Rosemary Laurey. The werewolf lover must meet the clan.
  • A General Theory of Love, Thomas Lewis. Experiments on happiness.
  • The Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens. I don't see why the March sisters liked this so much.
  • How To Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, Orson Scott Card. Why even your space languages need vowels.
What's up next? From my bedside table, I'm hoping to pull Attitude by Robin Stevenson, which librarything was kind enough to send me for review. Then I have the library books from my Library Quest to start.

2014 Challenges:
  1. TBR Triple Dog Dare: 8. Inching that count up -- I'm hope to get at least to ten.
  2. Cybils: 15/77. One nonfiction left to go.
  3. Where Am I Reading? 10/51. Added Washington and Rhode Island.
  4. What's In a Name?: 1/6. I got one! The King's Name.
  5. Book Bingo: 10 Squares. I absentmindedly put a series book from my TBR pile in with series, which is a tactical error.
  6. Alphabetically Inclined: 6/26
  7. Gentle Spectrums: 1/10, 1/10
  8. Reading My Library:  Have the last stack of J fiction in my queue.
  9. Best of the Best 2012: 49/25.  Onto next disc of Rotters. Wow, 13 discs is a lot.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Soothing, Gentle Challenges

Gentle Spectrums 2014, looks like 2014 will be the year I join a million challenges! I like the kindly, Canadian feel of Riedel's Gentle Spectrums challenges, which seem to fit into my philosophy of mostly reading whatever I want and hoping that my choices are broad enough to fill up all the slots. Of course, if my reading early in the year isn't broad enough, then I have to run around like a chicken at the end to fill out all my lists. Once again Riedel supports this -- her challenges run February - February, so I don't have to disappear during Christmas and family vacations to make my goals.

I'm going to try to do both her A and B challenges, although maybe some of my books will fit in both! I should probably check on the legality of that, though. One spectrum is ten books of color, and one is ten books whose titles reflect 10 themes.

Limitless Pallet: 10/10
Pencil Crayon Notepaper
Any book with a color in its title. Repeats are fine as long as titles are different.
  1. Blood Oranges, Kathleen Tierney 2/12/14
  2. Black Duck, Janet Taylor Lisle 2/21/14
  3. Love, Ruby Lavender, Deborah Wiles 2/25/14
  4. Who Stole Grandma's Million-Dollar Pumpkin Pie? Martha Freeman 2/28/14
  5. Thousand Pieces of Gold, Ruthanne Lum McCunn 3/7/14
  6. Rose, Holly Webb, 4/17/14
  7. True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, Kathi Appelt 6/17/14
  8. Mrs Pollifax and the Golden Triangle, Dorothy Gilman
  9. Black Butler 1, Yana Toboso 7/10/14
  10. Blue Remembered Hills, Rosemary Sutcliff 7/6/14
  11. Indigo Springs, A.M. Dellamonica 8/18/14
  12. The Golden Leopard, Lynn Kerstan 9/27/14

Gentle Subjects: 10/10
Sparkling Tree & Daisies
(1)  PLANTS: Trees, flowers, grass, gardening & crop-sowing references.
  1. War For the Oaks, Emma Bull, 4/1/14
  2. Rose, Holly Webb 4/17/14
  3. Wood Sprites, Wen Spencer
(2) STRUCTURES:  A building, rooms, a room or building’s parts.
  1. Welcome To the Ark, Stephanie S. Tolan 3/6/14
  2. The Water Castle, Megan Frazer Blackmore, 4/12/14
  3. Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase, Jonathan Stroud 6/14/14
  4. Escape From Mr Lemoncello's Library, Chris Grabenstein 7/27/14
(3)  NATIONS: Culture names, locations ~ lakes, towns, famous spots.
  1. Hawkes Harbor, S.E. Hinton. 3/25/14
  2. Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha, Dorothy Gilman 5/12/14
  3. The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, Kathi Appelt 6/29/14
(4)  STONES:  Synonyms, gems, ruins, geological formations.
  1. Lord of Mountains, S.M. Stirling 2/26/14
  2. Heart of Steel, Meljean Brooks 6/8/14
  3. The Fault In Our Stars, John Green 9/20/14
(5)  FAMILIES: Types of relatives, last names, full names.
  1. The War With Grandpa, Robert Kemmel Smith 3/16/14
  2. Joey Pigza Loses Control, Jack Gantos 4/22/14
  3. Child of a Hidden Sea, A.M. Dellamonica
  4. Marriage Bureau for Rich People, Farahad Zama
(6)  QUINTUPLED: A title of 5+ words (articles are fine).
  1. Who Stole Grandma's Million-Dollar Pumpkin Pie? Martha Freeman 2/28/14
  2. When Molly Was a Harvey Girl, Frances Wood, 4/17/14
  3. Mistress of the Art of Death, Ariana Franklin 6/15/14
  4. The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction, Justine Larbalestier 6/28/14
  5. Stories of Your Life and Others, Ted Chiang
(7)  CHEESY:  Lame puns or quotations, outrageous, silly;  actual cheeses!
Other Goose: J.Otto Seibold
Bad Machinery: The Case of the Team Spirit
There Is No Dog, Meg Rosoff 9/27/14
(8)  ENCHANTING: Mystical, eerie (enchanting content fulfills title;  no debunked ending).
  1. The Ghost's Secret, Peg Kehret. 2/10/14
  2. Phantom Eyes, Scott Tracey 6/8/14
  3. Mistress of the Art of Death, Ariana Franklin 6/29/14
(9)  WEATHER: Any words approximating weather or seasons.
  1. The Goddess of Spring, P.C. Cast 3/20/14
  2. Bluffton: My Summers with Buster Keaton, Matt Phelan 3/24/14
  3. The Summer of May, Cecelia Galante 6/7/14
  4. Archangel's Storm, Nalini Singh 8/3/14
(10)  CHEERFUL:  Positive messages, conveys pleasant images!
  1. A Kiss at Midnight, Eloise James 4/14/14
  2. Beautiful Unique Sparkleponies, Chris Kluwe 4/21/14
  3. The Heart of a Woman, Maya Angelou 6/8/14

Friday, February 14, 2014

Restraint at the Library: 2nd Month

Image of Renton
badge-4I had a busy afternoon on Thursday, since I frittered away the morning useless until I suddenly realized I  had an hour left to do all the day's work. Oops. So I didn't get to the library until after dark, and I had to go all alone into the sacred space, despite the fact that I'm still on the Triple Dog Dare and trying not to check out new things.

Luckily my Cybils dispensation means that I had a few books waiting for me on the hold shelf, and then I let myself pick up a few music CDs as a break from the audio book I'm listening to (Rotters, which is a bit graphically gross for my taste).
The Boy Who Loved MathLocomotiveReplay
The Boy Who Loved Math, Deborah Heiligman. I like the numbers flying about like butterflies for Erdos to chase.
Locomotive, Brian Floca. I may not have had many books on the hold shelf, but I did have the biggest!
Replay, Ken Grimwood. I've had this ebook on hold for so long that I can't remember who recommended it to me.
This means I now have 39 things out on my library cards, including ebooks. I'm much older than that!  I'll go share my Library Loot at the event co-hosted by Claire from the Captive Reader and Linda from Silly Little Mischief where all the library addicts compare their treasures.

Book credits banked: Seven (Usually I reward myself by buying a book if my library total is less than my age, but since I can't actually buy anything right now I'm counting up these credits.)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Frozen Library Day. Okay, Chilly Library Day

Image of Renton

SNOW! Falling from the sky! On my house! Heck, on me! I realize that for much of the country this is insignificant, but where I prefer to pretend that I come from, this is horrific. (Or wonderful, if you ask the children, but I only do that when I approve of their answer.)

The picture of my library that you see was not taken recently, which accounts for the lack of ice bergs crashing into the poles.

This is Week Six of the Triple Dog Dare, a time for resisting all new books, so again my trip to the library was an exercise in resisting temptation. Surprisingly enough, I was successful. I know it's crazy to go to the library every week, both because I have so many unread books at home and because I always find several weeks worth of reading, never mind that I'm attempting to AVOID adding new reading to my pile for a few months. But there is something meditative about seeing all the possibilities, knowing that any of these books has the potential of blowing my mind and soul wide open, or delivering me a slice of life I'd otherwise not glimpse. It's relaxing knowing that these opportunities are there, even if I'm not going to take advantage of them. Today.

The New Kids
Brave Journeys at a High School For Immigrant Teens, Brooke Hauser. This is the next Alex book (published for adults, but librarians recommend it to teens) from the 2012 list. So far I haven't been overwhelmed by this list, but maybe this nonfiction will tempt me.

Look Up! Birdwatching In Your Own Backyard, Annette LeBlanc Cate. Another Cybils finalist for nonfiction picture books. I'd better get cracking on making the kids read these.

How Big Were Dinosaurs?, Lita Judge. Got it right this time! Last week I accidentally ordered up a twenty year old picture book by the same name, and probably killed that copy because I noticed a missing page. It was cute though.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Go Hawks!

Well, the SeaHawks took my advice and sailed to victory! Or maybe marched. Glided? I'm not sure of the normal locomotive mode of the species. Whatever, we are vary proud.

I spent the weekend of Foolscap, a small SF convention unlike any I've seen. They try to get interesting people together, and then decide what to talk about -- you literally create the program and panels at the convention. Then you hang out and talk about your favorite/interesting things for a weekend. If the current panels don't float your boat, there's a common area stocked with games, crafting supplies, fiddling things (paper airplane models, a marble-track building set), several bookcases of trade-a-books (take what you want, leave what you recommend), an art show, vendors selling books, nerdish art, beautiful things, a massage table, authors reading their work, people showing off their hobbies, and a whole lot more.

A personal thrill for me is that several people there remember my name because it is almost like Beth Meacham's, an editor at Tor whose work I have known about since I was a teenager.

I'll sign in at Book Journey and Teach Mentor Texts since I want to see what everyone else is reading this month. Despite spending the weekend talking and listening instead of reading, I managed to finish a few things:
  • The King's Name, Jo Walton. SF. I promised to send this off to the Foolscap GOH (well, the GOH's spouse, who was also a GOH), so I finished it 90 minutes too late to hand it to her.
  • Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins. YA. Now I can go see the movie!
  • The Lover's Dictionary, David Levithan. Story of a relationship told in dictionary entries. Passed this on to the high schooler who thought it sounded interesting.
  • Magic Rises, Ilona Andrews. SF. Fun times in an innovative magic world.
  • Untold, Sarah Rees Brennan. YA. Lots of fun to read, and not nearly as sad an ending as I expected. Of course, I was expecting to have my heart ripped out and stomped upon, so set your own expectations accordingly.
What am I currently reading? Five books in my bag, plus an audio and a professional book.
  • The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, N.K. Jemison. Book club was last Thursday, but I'll just watch it late. 
  • The Second Spy: Book of Elsewhere 3,  Jacqueline West. It's a good book, but the flaws in the main character frustrate me. Like the boy in Navigating Early she has difficulty with loyalty.
  • Black Duck, Janet Lisle. Next on my TBR list, although I seem to have very temporarily lost it...
  • The Prize in the Game, Jo Walton. From my shelves, although I've read a library copy. I love the Sulien books.
  • Fierce Reads Anthology. NOOK. Short stories still aren't giving me a sense of urgency.
  • Rotters, Daniel Kraus. Audio. My son is liking this more, so I listen while driving him to and fro school. Boy do I dislike bullying.
  • Developing Standards-Based Report Cards, Thomas R. Guskey & Jane M. Bailey. Committee meeting next week, so I'll try to finish this up.
Reading intermittently, and deliberately slowly:
  • Radio Fifth Grade, Gordon Korman. Is it cheating to do your homework (a trivia quiz) by running a trivia quiz on the radio?
  • Out to Canaan, Jan Karon. Retirement plans are announced, rocking the small village.
  • Keep Me Forever, Rosemary Laurey. Time for most supernaturals to go home.
  • A General Theory of Love, Thomas Lewis. How different animals react to abandonment.
  • The Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens. Not too bad as long as I avoid the lawyer stuff.
  • How To Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, Orson Scott Card. More advice on the pieces of science fiction -- time travel? languages? space flight?
What's up next? From my bedside table, I'm hoping to pull Attitude by Robin Stevenson, which librarything was kind enough to send me for review. My next library book is Mirror, Mirror, short stories based on fairy tales. And I still need to reread Tarzan of the Apes for February book club.

2014 Challenges:
  1. TBR Triple Dog Dare: 7. Both recent buys and ancient dusty purchases now read!
  2. Cybils: 8.5/77. I'm assembling the nonfiction picture books, and started one with the emergent reader.
  3. Where Am I Reading? 8/51. Added New York, which is where most publishers live so a lot of writing happens here.
  4. What's In a Name?: 1/6. I got one! The King's Name.
  5. Book Bingo: Eight Squares. Knocking off those easy ones.
  6. Alphabetically Inclined: 4/26
  7. Reading My Library:  Have the last stack of J fiction in my queue.
  8. Best of the Best 2012: 49/25.  Onto next disc of Rotters. Finished Lover's Dictionary and ordered up next book.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Alphabetically Inclined

UPDATE: 2020. OK, I still haven't read a book starting with X or Z. So I'm going to start tracking again, on the theory that tracking something makes it more likely to happen.


So, as I was idly sorting my TBR bookshelf, I checked to see if I had a book for each letter of the alphabet, title-wise. And surprise, I nearly did! (I have no unread books starting with the letter Z). Clearly I should join an A-Z challenge to inspire me to read some of these. I picked the 2014 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge  because I liked Dollycas's soup picture.

I'll start out only using books from my shelves, but I'll have no qualms about pulling in library books if I need them. 

UPDATE: Well, it's 2015 and I didn't finish. I also didn't use any of my library reads. Instead, I'm going to continue on with the count, but mark the books from my shelves that I read in 2015 in purple. So eventually I hope to finish, and in the meantime it will be a record of what I read that I own. And now 2016 will be in maroon. 2017, BLUE. 2018. 2020 black but bold, 2021 this color.

A: Attitude, Almost a Bride, Always Abigail, About that Night, Avatar the Last Airbender 6, Anna of Byzantium, Awakening to the Sacred, All-of-a-Kind Family Uptown, Afternoon of the Elves, Assassin's Salvation, Alpha, Adulthood Rites, All Systems Red, Aunt Dimity and the King's Ransom, America At War, All Boys Aren't Black, Artemis Fowl:The Graphic Novel, Assassination of John  F Kennedy, Ada Twist and Perilous Pants, Assassins of Thasalon, Almost American Girl, Arcadia, America for Americans, Apple Cider Slaying, Absolution By Murder, Arcane Heart, Art of Growing Up, Aurora Blazing, American Fairytale
B: (Broken Homes) (Balanced on the Blade's Edge) Boy Who Dared, Blood and Betrayal, Big Nate Strikes Again, Bird Lake Moon, Big Nate on a Roll, Book Thief, Blake: Huts of America, Breakout, Bronze Gods, Blood Bound, Bet Me, Bone Crossed, But Can the Phoenix Sing?, Bearly Cooking, Black Wolves of Boston, The Body in the Library, Burn Bright, Buried Bones, Bone Dry, Beneath the Sugar Sky, Boys in the Boat, Beach Babe, Braiding Sweetgrass, Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry, Books for Living, By Immortal Honor Bound, Becoming Kid Quixote, Becoming Muhammad Ali, Bone Witch, Body Talk, Bride's Story 9, Breaking Through, Bears, Brave Heroes Bold Defenders, Blood & Germs, Bears, Be My Guest, Burn Bright, Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms, Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, Bride's Story 10, Blue Castle, Black Butler 15-18, Bollywood Affair, Before the Sword (Mulan), Black Sun, Buried Pyramid, Beautiful Struggle (Young Reader) , Bi the Way, 
C: Catching Fire, Cryoburn, Cathedral of the Wild, Cyrano de Bergerac, Cupcakes Trinkets and Other Deadly Magic, Child of the Ghosts, Castle in the Air, Castaway Planet, Cruel Miracles, Coraline, Child of Fire, Comrade Don Camillo, Cry Wolf, Collapsing Empire, Catfishing on Catnet, Crush, Cities in Layers, Clap When You Land, Can You Hear the Trees Talking, Changing the Equation, Cy Young, Cog Citizenship Race & the Law, Call Me American, The Constitution: Decoded Annotated and Explained, Condor Comeback, Case of Possession, The Chai Factor, Chiggers, Class Act, Copycat Crook, Children of Time, Case for Climate Capitalism, Crogan's Vengeance, Castle Waiting 1 & 2, Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows, Crown Duel, Consuming Fire, Curse of Chalion, Cat Tricks, Curse of the Night Witch, Chaos on Catnet, Crystal Singer, Consider Phlebas, City We Became, Castle of Adventure, Come Tumbling Down
D: The Dragon and the George, Developing Standards-Based Report Cards, Decider, The Danger, Dead Heat, Day Shift, Dead Man Walking, Dog Warrior, Day Shift, Dragon Bones, Discount Armageddon, Decider, The Deal of a Lifetime, Don't Call Us Dead, Deadly Sexy, Dark Lord Clementine, Doughnut Fix, Dragon in the Library, Dead Heat, Displacement, Dramacon, Duke of Olympia Meets His Match, Dancing At the Pity Party
E: Ella Enchanted, Exo, Avatar the Lost Scrolls: Earth, Every Heart a Doorway, Elfhome, Eye of Truth, Elysium, Education Race & the Law, Edgar Allen Poe's Tales of Death and Dementia, Elatsoe, Efren Divided, Ember in the Ashes, Eva Evergreen, Emiko Superstar, Equal Rites, Encyclopedia Brown Carries On, Echo Mountain, Extraordinary Union, Easy Death, Empress of Salt and Fortune
F: Forbidden Rose, Fierce Reads Anthology, Flying Finish, Forged in Blood, Fire-Touched, Five Thousand Years of Slavery, Friendly Gables, Find Me, Firewing, Flowers of Adonis, Flag in Exile, Faro's Daughter, Fair Game, Frankenstein, Fledgling, Flowers of Vashnoi, A Farewell to Arms, The Fix, Front Desk, Fly Like a Girl, Free Lunch, Flowers in the Gutter, Flunked, Fearless Felines, Fledgling, Finder, Five Children and It, Future of Science is Female, Flight 3, Fold, Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom, Flight 4, Fugitive Telemetry, From the Desk of Zoe Washington, Faithless in Death, Flamer, Fake Dating the Prince, Fighting Words, From Scratch, Finna, Forever Strong, Future Home of the Living God, Fires of the Faithful, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf
G: Great and Terrible Quest, General Theory of Love, Goblin Emperor X 2, Golden Leopard, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, Galactic Derelict, Game of Cages, (George), Giant Pumpkin Suite, Ghosts Unveiled, The Gown, Grimoire Noir, Guardians of Liberty, Give All to Love, Games of Deception, Go With the Flow, Garden Museum Heist, Goblin Emperor, Gator Bait, Girl Who Drank the Moon, Gardens of the Moon, Galaxy and the Ground Within, Ghost Talkers, Good Kind of Trouble
H: Heart of a Woman, Heart of Steel, Horizon, How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, How to Tell if Your Cat Is Trying to Kill You, Howl's Moving Castle, Hild, Havoc, Here Lies the Librarian, Hunting Ground, Harmful to Minors, Heavy, Honeybee, How We Got to the Moon, Her Naughty Holiday, History Smashers: The Mayflower, History Smashers: Women's Right to Vote, Hopeful Heart, How Oliver Olson Changed the World, House in the Cerulean Sea, The Hobbit, A Handful of Earth A Handful of Sky, High Cotton, Hidden Land, How to Raise an Honest Rabbit
I: If I'm Jewish and You're Christian What Are the Kids?, I Lived on Butterfly Hill, I Could Do Anything, In the Black, Iron Kissed, I Go By Sea I Go By Land, Innocent,  Into the Fire, It's Trevor Noah, The Illustrated A Brief History of Time, Into the Deep, In the Dream House, Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears, Into The Volcano, Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, In the Red, I never saw another butterfly, In the Forest of Forgetting, In Bibi's Kitchen

J: The Jury, The Just City, Julie of the Wolves, Judgment Day, Jubilee, Jane Against the World, John Lewis
K: The King's Name, Keep Me Forever, Knight-napped, King and Joker, Kenilworth, Kiss Number 8, Kat & Mouse 2-4, Kobe Bryant, Kiyo Sato, King and the Dragonflies
L: Love Bites (My Sister the Vampire), Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Lost Enchantment, Last Holiday Concert, Lumberjanes, Laura's Wolf, Lock In, Little Plum, Liaden Universe Constellation Vol 3, The Long WInter, Little House In the Big Woods, Last Mirror on the Left, Lifting As We Climb, Lady's Code of Misconduct, Laika, Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion, Long Time Until Now, Lizzie Borden Ax Murders, Land of the Cranes, Life Sucks, Louisiana Longshot, Last Emperox, Last Dragon, Lost Orphan, Longer Fall
M: My Real Children, Matilda, Matter for Men, Mouse Called Wolf, The Martian, Mercenary Instincts, Midnight Crossroad, Midnight Blue, Mystic and Rider, Moon Called, Moonshiner's Son, The Marvels, Mira's Last Dance, Mrs. Pollifax On Safari, Meg Jo Beth & Amy, Minor Mage, Me and White Supremacy, Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, Marshmallow S'more Murder, More Than Friends, Mating the Huntress, More than Marmalade, My Name is Tani...and I Believe in MIracles, March Fong Eu, Many Lives of Eddie Rickenbacker, Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Marriage Race and the Law,  Marrow Thieves, Maybelle Goes to Tea, Murders of Tupac and Biggie, MIdnight Sun, Manson Family Murders, Medical Apartheid, Murder in Time, Minn of the Mississippi, Murder at Veronica's Diner, Murder Must Advertise, Meltdown
N: Nory Ryan's Song, (Night Broken), NERDS, Nine Princes in Amber, The New Queer Conscience, Normal, Nightshades, Network Effect, Not So Normal Norbert, Northanger Abbey, Nickel Boys, Nine Tailors
O: One Week Girlfriend, Old Men at Midnight, Bone 1: Out of Boneville, October Country, Over Sea Under Stone, 101 Famous Poems, The Ordeal of Change, One False Note, Out of the Cold, Out of Tune, Ordinary Hazards, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous, Out of the Blue, On the Horizon, Outlaw, One Giant Leap, O J Simpson Murder Case, Outbreak, One Perfect Kiss
P: The Prize in the Game, Perdition, Pickwick Papers, Paddington At Large, Penric's Demon, Plague of Doves, Prisoner, Parallax, Penric and the Shaman, Project Elfhome, Penric's Mission, Penric's Fox, The Price of Meat, Parasite, Parable of the Sower, Polaris, Paladin's Grace, Proper English, Paladin's Grace, Poisoned Water, Plasticus Maritamus, Puffin Plan, Plain Janes, La Perdida, Punching the Air, Parable of the Sower Graphic Novel, Piranesi, Playing With Fire, Paladin of Souls, Paladin's Strength, Persephone Station, Patience & Esther, Pleasant Profession of Robert A Heinlein, Pucker

Q: Quatrain, Quantum Universe
R: The Robe of Skulls, Return of Tarzan, Raven Boys, Radio Fifth Grade, Rogue, Return of Santa Paws, Royal Airs, Rob Roy, Republic, Ruins of Karzelek, River Marked, The Rancher's Lady, Rebel, Rare Encounters With Ordinary Birds, Reunion in Death, Reaching for the Moon, Radium Girls, Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh, Return of the Thief, Runaway Princess, Rhinos!, Reckless, Rival Magic, Rattle His Bones, Riot Baby, Ruthless Lady's Guide to Wizardry, Ring Shout, Russian Cage, Raven Black
S: The Second Spy, Shadows, Son of Neptune, Shadows and Dreams, Santa Paws to the Rescue, Sackett Brand, A Stranger's Gift, A Secret Soldier, Shades of Milk and Honey, Spilling Clarence, Starry River in the Sky, Star Nomad, Star Trek 2, Songs of the Gorilla Nation, Steal the Dragon, Sweep in Peace, Someone to Remember, Superheroes (Amelia Rules), Secret of Chimneys, Some Were in Time, Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, Stamped, Slippery Creatures, Surviving the City, Skylark and Wallcreeper, Sporting Chance, The Sugared Game, Sky Gazing, She Represents, Surviving the Angel of Death, Star-Spangled,  Sunset of the Sabertooth, Shadows In Death, Spies Lies and Disguise, Stolen Justice, Storm Cursed, Sal and Gabi Break the Universe, Sofia Valdez and the Vanishing Vote, Sucker Punch, Swordheart, Silver in the Wood, Superman Smashes the Klan, Stonekeeper's Curse, Someplace to Be Flying, Switchback, Son of Sam Killings, Stars Beyond, Secret Country, Something That May Shock or Discredit You, Snapdragon, Show Me a Sign, Stowed Away, Sunshine, Shadowghast, Secrets of Star Whales, Subtle Blood, Secret Garden (Graphic Novel), Switchback, Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything
T: Tarzan of the Apes, Thousand Pieces of Gold, Tinker, Tell the Wind and Fire, The Time Traders The Thirteenth Unicorn, The Time Machine, Touching My Father's Soul, Three on the Run, The Three-Body Problem, The Twisted Path, Tinker, Tooth and Claw, To Dance, The Tree that Time Built, This Book Is Anti-Racist, This Promise of Change, That Can Be Arranged, Thousand Beginnings and Endings, The Talk, Tracking Pythons, They Called Us Enemy, Trash, Tender Morsels, This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes, Throw Like a Girl Cheer Like a Boy, This Place, Teacher Torture, Take a Hint Dani Brown, Taking on the Plastics Crisis, Tale Dark and Grimm, Talisman Ring, Tempest, Two Rogues Make a Right, Twelfth Night, Temporary, Three Shadows, Thirteens, Thousand Darknesses, Thursday Murder Club, To the Hilt
U: Unspoken. Untold, Ultra, Uprooted, Uncovering You: Contract, Under the Same Stars, Under the Egg, Unspoken Name, Unexpected Mrs Pollifax, Uprooted, Uncompromising Honor, Under the Eye of the Storm
V: Vanguard, Voices of Young Heroes, Vanishing Half, Vanished Seas
W: Who Stole Grandma's Million-Dollar Pumpkin Pie?, Welcome to the Ark, War for the Oaks, We Are Not Eaten By Yaks, World Outside, Wide Open, Why Pro-Life?, What the Dormouse Said, Wildflower, Wrong Way Around Magic, Waiting For the Party, Whisper of Magic, White Night, World of Ptavvs, Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits, The War that Saved My Life, When Demons Walk, Wood Sprites, Wolf Who Rules, Wrinkle in Time, The Warden, We Are Power, Wind Gourd of La'amaomao, We Had To Be Brave, Who Gives a Poop, Women Win the Vote. Walk Toward the Rising Sun, Wolfpack (YA), Wolf Rebel, The War That Saved My Life, What the Eagle Sees, Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking, Winter's Orbit, Walk Two Moons, Wild Sign, Who Killed Jimmy Olsen, Wonder, White Bird, When Stars Are Scattered, When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain, Whim of the Dragon, Witness for the Dead, A Wish in the Dark, What Fresh Hell Is This

Y: Yonder Comes the Other End of Time, Yes Please, Your Own Sylvia, You Call This Democracy?, Youth to Power, You Too?, Yotsuba& 4, You Bring Me the Ocean, Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear, You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey, You Should See Me in a Crown, Year of Wonders

Z The Zodiac Killer

25/26:  X