Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

Another challenge that I'm joining but not planning to really put effort into is Book Riots' #ReadHarder Challenge. They came up with a list of twenty four different kinds of books (two a month is I think the intention) with the idea that you read a bit outside your comfort zone. Since I'm all about challenges that get me to read interesting stuff, I'm in. I'm also hoping that I just accidentally read everything without having to think about it.

Book Riot seems to be involved with a social media internet thing called Twitter, into which I have barely dipped my toes. But if you are into that, they are tracking their challenge with the hashtag #ReadHarder. "Share your books, share your challenge plan, share your recommendations."

I will be tracking my challenge with the innovated method of moving items from the top list to the bottom as I complete them. Also, if I notice as I finish a book that it fits any of the categories, I shall scandalize my children by shouting HASHTAG and then making that cryptic sign with my hands. It's always funny.


  1. A book by a person whose gender is different from your own: Zero Day, David Baldacci 1/25/15
  2. YA novel: Gabi, A Girl in Pieces, Isabel Quintero 2/3/15
  3. sci-fi novel: Across the Universe, Beth Revis 1/30/15
  4. A book published before 1850: The Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens, 1/15/15
  5. romance novel: Escape, Mary Balogh 2/7/15
  6. A book that is a retelling of a classic story (fairytale, Shakespearian play, classic novel, etc.): Ella Enchanted, Gail Levine 2/11/15
  7. self-improvement book (can be traditionally or non-traditionally considered “self-improvement”): Slow Reading in a Hurried Age, Mickos, 2/16/15
  8. A book by or about someone that identifies as LGBTQShadows and Dreams, Alexis Hall 2/27/15
  9. A graphic novel, a graphic memoir or a collection of comics of any kind (Hi, have you met Panels?) Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant Roz Chatz 3/2/15
  10. A book that takes place in AsiaBlood of Tyrants, Naomi Novik 3/3/15
  11. A book that you would consider a guilty pleasure (Read, and then realize that good entertainment is nothing to feel guilty over) Possession, J.R. Ward 3/28/15
  12. A book that someone else has recommended to you: Tinker, Wen Spencer 3/31/15
  13. A book that is by or about someone from an indigenous culture (Native Americans,Aboriginals, etc.): Dead Heat, Patricia Briggs 4/2/15
  14. A collection of poetry Forget-Me-Nots, Hoberman 4/28/15
  15. National Book AwardMan Booker Prize or Pulitzer Prize winner from the last decade: All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr, 5/1/15
  16. A book published this year Day Shift, Charlaine Harris 5/12/15
  17. A book written by someone when they were over the age of 65  Voices From the March on Washington, J. Patrick Lewis & George Ella Lyon 5/21/15
  18. microhistory: Gulp, Mary Roach6/21/15
  19. An audiobook: Wyrd Sisters, Terry Pratchett 6/24/15
  20. A book published by an indie press (does self published count?): Bone 1: Out From Boneville Jeff Smith 7/5/15
  21. A book written by someone when they were under the age of 25PopularVintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek, Maya Van Wagenen 7/12/15
  22. A book that was originally published in another languageA Bride's Story, Vol 2, Kaoru Mori 8/4/15
  23. collection of short stories (either by one person or an anthology by many people) Stone Mattress, Margaret Atwood 10/8/15
  24. A book by an author from Africa:  The Miracle at Speedy Motors, Alexander McCall Smith 1/22/16

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