Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eclectic Is My Bookcase Theme

2016EclecticReader_BookdOutTwelve Months. (Well, closer to 10 for me, but it's my own fault for procrastinating about signing up.) Twelve Books. Twelve categories. That is the theme of the Eclectic Challenges, which is proudly in its fifth year: the 2016 Eclectic Reader Challenge, hosted by Book'd Out.

This year she has kindly provided some links to goodreads suggestions for the categories, some of which look a bit daunting to me.

  1. A book about books (fiction or nonfiction): 100 Best Books for Children, Anita Silvey 2/20/16 
  2.  Serial killer thriller: Airtight, David Rosenfelt 4/2/16
  3.  Paranormal romance: Pillars of the World, Anne Bishop 4/2/16
  4.  A novel set on an island: Not Always a Saint, Mary Jo Putney 3/18/16 (are the British Islands cheating?
  5. Investigative journalism (non fiction): The Spies of Mississippi, Rick Bowers 3/12/16
  6. Disaster fiction: An Inheritance of Ashes, Leah Bobet 4/17/16
  7. Steampunk sci fi:  Radiance, Catherynne Valente 3/10/16
  8. Any book shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize: A Spool of Blue Thread, Anne Tyler 4/30/16
  9. Psychology (non fiction): Quiet, Susan Cain, 5/1/16
  10. Immigrant Experience fiction: Listen, Slowly, Trannha Lai 7/16/16, Funny in Farsi, Firoozeh Dumas 7/25/16
  11. YA historical fiction: Bride's Story 6, Kaoru Mori 2/21/16
  12. A debut author in 2016: Hour of the Bees, Lindsay Eager 8/16/16


Book about books? That's my jam. I'm reading one right now, so I'll count that.  Likewise for YA, paranormal, and debut authors. Serial killer, steampunk, island and immigrants are a little off my beaten path. The nonfictions will be fun, and the Man Booker might slay me. So wish me luck!

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kmitcham said...

Poke me when you hit the Steampunk one; I like the idea of steampunk, but haven't really gone there much. I did try a LEGO build or two.