Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kid Talk

I've been pressing books on my sons for years, and lucky for me they've started to press back. Alexander recommended Go Long, by Tiki & Ronde Barber with Paul Mantell. Well, he also recommended the first book, Kickoff, but that had already gone back to his school library. The Barber brothers are real life football players, and this series is a semi-autobiographical tale of a junior high football team.

The plot is the season -- will the team make the playoffs without their favorite coach? Will the new quarterback learn to play for the team, not for himself? Will Tiki and Ronde stand up for themselves or be too afraid to speak up for what is right? The answers are just what you think they are, but the ride along the way is gentle and entertaining. I remember reading a slew of sports books along these lines (is Matt Christopher still around?), often for sports I had only the vaguest understanding of. Much like football today, I guess. As celebrity books go, this one isn't too bad, and I really enjoyed hearing the enthusiastic recommendation from my son.

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