Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That'll Learn Ya

The title of Bill Wallace's Snot Stew puns on the teasing game played by the owners of two kittens. "That's mine." "Is not!" "Is too!" Get it? Is not == snot. Heh heh heh. Sorry.

Anyway, the two kittens were adopted by the bickering children, and they try out this new game, which involves Toby, the more aggressive cat, claiming Kikki's dinner. Kikki soon tires of the game, because she is getting hungry, but Toby is enjoying the double meal. It's time he learned a Valueble Lesson. Sadly, the kids do not notice the improved behavior of the cats.

It's a cute story, nothing all that special. I'm not sure my kids ever bothered reading it; I think they just liked the title. I might see if my niece wants to try on our upcoming road trip. C+

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