Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Dragon Flight (Dragon Adventures) is the second book by Jessica Day George about a plucky farm girl, Creel, who goes to the big city and becomes a successful dress maker. She also wins the heart of the prince (not the heir, but the younger brother), and the friendship of a dragon. That was the first book, which also involved dragon mind control, small minded co-workers, and a prejudiced king.

The second book looks again at the politics between dragons and humans, who have trouble trusting each other. Humans think dragons are big, dangerous, and prone to attacking people (especially when mind controlled). Dragons think humans are pesky and far too quick to magically mind control dragons. And when an ex-royal dragon teaches another nation how to control dragons, conflict happens. Meanwhile Creel is trying to run her new dress shop, hoping not to antagonize the king, and wondering if she and the prince have a chance together. And then she has to save three kingdoms while whipping up an entire new style of clothes. There's a bit too much spunky girl who knows what's what, but that's because I am a jaded old person. It's a fun adventure book. B

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