Saturday, January 2, 2010

Challenge Explosion!

I'm going to zip about and sign up for a bunch of challenges while I write this post. It's in REAL TIME, people, so hold on to your bologna sandwiches (that's a Trout Fishing in America reference, in case you boggled at my non sequitur there). I love the idea of lists, and challenges are lists you do with other book-loving people. And maybe I'll read some new books, and maybe I'll get a warm fuzzy sense of accomplishment for reading books I'd have read anyway. It's all good!

Here's what I've seen:
Well, that's probably enough to start. I'll have to do individual pages for many of these challenges, so I'll be peppering my pages with posts. But this way I'll feel like I'm ticking things off my lists as I read books! Warm and fuzzy times in 2010, here I come.

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Jenners said...

Welcome to the Take Another Chance Challenge!! I'm glad you decided to participate ... and I look forward to reading your posts!