Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vile Village: Wednesday is Double V

Today is Reading on the Beach's A-Z Wednesday, with V the starring letter. I meant to read Vanished, by Kat Richardson, the fourth book in the Greywalker series, but life intervened. As I was chivvying the boys into bed, I realized I was on page 50 and doomed, so I jumped ship onto Lemony Snicket's seventh book, The Vile Village.

By the way, the challenge isn't actually to read the book in a day; that's my own goofy implementation. It's just to highlight a book, show the picture and give a synopsis. But that's not hard enough for me...

Fans of the series know what to expect -- doom, gloom, and a lot of vocabulary asides. The three orphans find themselves the wards of a village of nasty crow-lovers, who want the kids to do all the chores so they have more time to torch rule-breakers. Count Olaf lurks in the background, and the two lost triplets are crying out for help.

I knew which way things were going before every twist, but the story isn't about the route, it's about the scenery along the way. And don't think that the characters don't mature and grow -- Sunny especially makes great strides in this book. I can't read two of these too closely together, so I'll continue my slow progress through the series. B


Anonymous said...

I've never read this series. They sound really good!

Glad you joined this week!

Beth said...

I have yet to delve into Lemony Snicket. I also heartily agree about The Rainbow Fish!