Saturday, November 6, 2010

Missed My Jump: Demon Blood

I like to start series somewhere in the middle, on the grounds that if I'm going to spend that much time with an author's characters, I want the books to be so good I can start anywhere.  So I grabbed Meljean Brook's Demon Blood (The Guardian Series) from the "Hot Picks" area of the library although it was clearly not the start of the Guardian series.  I think it's book six or something.  Unfortunately, I don't think this was a good place to start.

demon bloodThere's a complex world system set up, with all sorts of strange creatures -- Guardians, vampires, demons, nephilim, etc, all with different rules and origins and motives.  That wasn't the problem; I enjoy figuring stuff out from the middle.  But this book is more a paranormal romance than an urban fantasy -- the backbone of the book is the romance, with the action adorning that.  And the romance didn't work for me; I suspect that the previous five books had lost of background building up the problems between Rosalia and Deacon, but since I skipped that I didn't feel it.  And their only conflict was a lack of communication and an overload of angst -- Woe is Me, I am Unworthy / He could never trust me after THAT / She says she loves me but I cannot believe she MEANS it / blah blah blah.

There was so much time spent on their mutual undeclared love that the complex plot for the destruction of the bad guys got buried.  I know it was complex because everyone told me so a million times.  I think I missed some of the complexity, because everything fell out easily in the last fifty pages.  I bet if I had been in on the story from the beginning I would have cared more for the people, but this book doesn't make me want to run out and get the rest.  C+

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