Thursday, December 23, 2010

Second Time More Lucky: Archangel's Kiss

Nalini Singh writes a popular paranormal series about Psy-Changelings, all about emotion-denying telepaths and shape shifters, which I can't get into.  She kept getting recommended to me, so I tried her new series, Archangel's Blood, which I thought was OK.  So when I saw the second book in the "Pick me" display at the library I picked it up.

I liked more; I didn't giggle as much in the wrong places.  With Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter, Book 2) Singh figures we all remember the complicated political and chemical connections between archangels, angels, vampires, hunters, and regular people, which I either do remember or don't care about, so the text is much lighter without heavy exposition.  Elena has just woken up as an angel, and most of the plot involves her avoiding assassination by anyone trying to impress the world with how tough they are.  So we learn about life as an angel with Elena, and we also get lots of fun fight scenes with Elena and her tough friends and enemies.  Uber-archangel Raphael gets to skulk about protecting himself and Elena (his new huge weak spot), with bonus UST as he waits for her to get strong enough to move onto actual ST.  There are still blue feathers and sexy wing dandruff.  Then we get a battle with a superpower trying to destroy the world (as one must), and it's all fun and games and popcorn.  B+

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