Friday, December 11, 2009

Angels' Blood: Silly and a bit Squicky

In the paranormal genre of "tough women with interesting lives," where interesting means that they and most of their acquaintances have super powers and maybe are werewolves or vampires or something, Nalini Singh's Angels' Blood stands proud. I first saw this author in Must Love Hellhounds, and wanted to read more in her crazy world.

All my expectations were met -- it was a fun ride, I laughed in many of the wrong places (she shot him! he's got blue feathers! true love makes him exude pus!), and it had the same annoying relationship starter. The two main characters (she's a super-star vampire hunter, he's the supremely powerful archangel ruler of North America) love each other because they find each other really sexy. This instant powerful attraction is really it as far as the romance arc of the book (well, OK, she shoots him a few times, he invades her mind, but that is really incidental). Luckily I also like books about hunting down mean super vampire-angels, and in a silly book of this sort I have no problem NOT picturing the really gory and icky mass murder scenes. Let's go back to giggling at the aphrodisiac dust the angel wings shed, and the new places for hiding knives the hunter invents.

This book counts towards my authors of color quota, although I didn't really find it different from other books in the genre. Some of the characters aren't white (someone should tell the cover artist), but I couldn't always remember which ones while reading. Like I said, visualization isn't my strong point. I do remember that one of the angels has blue feathers, which is apparently very sexy. Hee hee hee. B

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