Thursday, December 3, 2009

Library Library!

Thursday morning I had 66 items out (including anything on the kids' cards). My library bag was bulging with things to return, since I didn't go the the library AT all last week. (Thanksgiving). Because my library habit is completely under control, and there is no intervention needed, thanks anyway family, I did not feel the need to go on extra days. I'm fine!

My kids just got Scholastic book orders in, so they didn't feel the need to go to the library. We arranged for me to go before I picked them up from school. I was just dropping things off, really, maybe picking up any holds that had come in. So I hauled in my bulging back of returns, and left with 68 items out. Which wouldn't be that bad, except I turned in a bunch of CDs and DVDs, and came out with almost all books. For me. They just attacked me, begging to go home. One book hadn't been checked out in almost three years! I couldn't just leave it.

The hold shelf gave me:
  • Transformers: More than meets the Eye. A highly prized DVD, which the kids watched avidly in the car on our trip to the city Friday night. No sound, but apparently Transformers are made of so much AWESOME that speakers are superfluous.
  • Ludell, by Brenda Wilkinson. For the Shelf challenge. This is my first ILL (inter-library loan) book ever. A whole new vista has opened to me...
  • Why Gender Matters, Leonard Sax. Recently recommended from two different directions; I took that as a Sign.
  • Unwind, Neal Shusterman. I really thought this was coming in next week. It's a young adult that was the only book I hadn't read on a list of recommended books, and I had liked all the other books. I just can't remember where I saw the list.
  • An Arsonists Guide to Writers' Homes in New England, by Brock Clarke. I saw a review of this, and the title alone sold me.
  • Picture This, by Norah McClintock. The author of Dooley Takes the Fall also wrote some other books, so I'm investigating her backlist.
  • Sea Glass, Maria Snyder. I wasn't expecting this sequel to Storm Glass until next week.
  • The Knife of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness. This YA book has been showing up on award lists for ages, so I finally requested it.
  • Good Poems, which I already have out but the other library got it in. They thought they had lost it, so I got it from library #2, but then they found it. It really shouldn't count; I only checked it out because they were so excited at finding it I didn't have the heart to say I didn't want it anymore. Not My Fault!
A few other books caught my eye, especially since I found myself with a handful of lists. I love lists. I had a list for each kid; if I like the book I'll recommend it to the appropriate child. Maybe. Or maybe I'll keep all the books for MYSELF. I deserve them. I'm very special.
  • Bird, by Zetta Elliott. On the new shelf, chirping for me to take it home.
  • When the Tide Rises, by David Drake. The book before the one I read last week; I skipped a few in this series. Can't have that, can we?
  • Vanished, by Kat Richardson. The next book in her series.
  • Huntress. Some short stories, including one by Marjorie Liu, who invented extreme plotting. She's tons of fun. The library had a group of books whose covers featured people's backs; it took me a while to figure out the unifying theme. I had to reward such ingenuity by choosing one.
  • Caught By the Sea. Another memoir by Gary Paulson.
  • Mr. Williams. Picture book for our bedtime.
  • Ugly Fish. Another picture book.
  • Big Fat Hen. (picture book.) From the youngest list, the pictures are delightful.
  • Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mouse. (Picture book). Another list book.
  • Only Opal: the Diary of a Young Girl. From the third grade list. This book was orphaned on the wrong shelf, and hadn't been checked out for years and years. I SAVED it. I'm a hero.
  • Colibri. The fifth grade book.
I now have 68 things out, counting items on the kids' cards. I count those, since I'm the one who pays for things that get lost. On book is missing, but it's mine, dang nab it. I'd better look under my bed. Or in my kitchen.

I went back to the library today, for their family game day. P and I played some Yatzee, danced a few rounds of DDR, and taught Apples to Apples to another family. Then P used all of his burl to get me out without checking out anything new. I'm going over to Reading Adventures now to sign up for the weekly Library Loot. Compared to many of the participants, I barely check out anything at all.

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