Thursday, December 31, 2009

Uncle Boris in the Yukon: Unusual U Day

Technically it is now Thursday, but my internet went out last night when I tried to post this. It's was A-Z Wednesday (from Reading on the Beach), so I'm highlighting a Daniel Pinkwater book, Uncle Boris in the Yukon.

It took me a while to realize that this was a memoir, not another Pinkwater story of a quirky family. And since I've heard Pinkwater on the radio, I heard the stories in his rich, ironic tone, which only added to their strength. His history of his life with dogs, from childhood with his horrid family through raising sled dogs with his wife, is funny throughout and touching frequently. His awful parents make sense of the many strange adults that people his children's books, and the cheerful way he approaches his life is echoed by many of his protagonists. I recommend this book to all dog lovers and Pinkwater fans.


Kristen said...

Hey! I think I have this one. And if not, it sounds like a fun one to pick up and share with the older kids.

Beth said...

I've had it for a while. Are you kids Pinkwater fans? I like his stuff from picture books through YA (through memoirs now, I guess).