Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finish Line -- 48 Hour Reading Challenge

48 Hour Book ChallengeWe made it! It's the end of our  48 Hour Book Challenge, and everyone made their goal! And boy are my eyes tired.

I spent almost all my time reading, with occasional short breaks to check other blogs; no reviewing at all this year. My currently reading pile is a much more reasonable 11 now, so I knocked out a lot of the books I've been carrying around for weeks.

Finals numbers, possibly right:

Beth, aka Mom, aka me:

  • Time: 26 hours 30 minutes
  • 15 books finished - an asterix means I started them before the weekend: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter*,  Axe Cop, The Notorious Benedict Arnold, Young Fredle (audio)*, Galacterian Legacy*, Scorpio Races*, Angelfall*, Wheels of Change, The Zodiac Killer, Bunheads*, The Same Stuff as Stars*, The Returning, A View of the Ocean, Drama City, The Great Wall of Lucy Wu, 
  • Books still incomplete: Infamous Scribblers, Ring of Solomon (audio), The Dark Knight Returns
Alexander, aka Xan, aka 7th grader: 
  • Time: 12 hours
  • 3 books finished: Twenty Palaces*, Axe Cop, Syren
  • Books still incomplete: Ring of Solomon (audio), Return of the Dark Knight, Darke, Angelfall
P, aka 5th grader:
  • Time: 5 hours 20 minutes
  • 1 book finished: Axe Cop*
  • Books still incomplete: The Red Pyramid
I said I'd pledge $1/hr, plus $5/book finished, plus $1/comment. I got nine comments (actually quite a lot for me), we read 44 hours (slight round up), and finished 19 books. That finished count makes me a bit glad I put a cap on my donation, so I'm sending $100 to RIF and the elementary school library. I was trying to encourage myself to actually finish some books, but it sure pushed up my meter quickly.

Thanks to MotherReader for organizing the fun weekend, thanks to the people who dropped by my blog to support me, thanks to my kids for reading along and also not asking too much of me during this weekend, and especially thanks to my sister who made dinner for us on Saturday and Sunday and also provided general parenting support while I was buried under piles of books. (I still have about twenty books lying around in case I wanted to read them.)


    Liviania said...

    Congrats on finishing! It's really cool that your kids participated too. (I love the Twenty Palaces series. Your son picked a great book.)

    Charlotte said...

    What a fun mix of books! congraulations on all your reading!

    Alex said...

    Nice bunch of books. That is a great bit of money for RIF. Congratulations on finishing. I wish I could have participated, but had company all weekend. Thought I would make a donation anyway.

    MotherReader said...

    Great reading for you and your family! What a nice way to spend the weekend together! Thanks for your generous donation to RIF and for playing along in the 48HBC!