Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chuckles: School of Fear

Book two of Gitty Daneshvari's School of Fear series, Class Is Not Dismissed, continues with the lighthearted lampooning of the previous books. The four camp returnies are mostly cured but still need a bit of a refresher and the chance to drop some one-liners on each other.

One new camper is added, but her misery is kept comic and cartoonish so that we never wince with anyone's pains.  The cover reflects the truth that not all kids get equal time -- Theo, Madeline, and newcomer Hyhy get the bulk of the pages. The third book may balance things out for Lulu and Garrison, and it seems it starts immediately after this one.  There are no unexpected turns but a gentle continuous laugh track that kept me amused as I dipped in and out.

BarockSchloss CC license
Since I spent most of the day having a great time and eating delicious food, I was pleased to have a witty but uncomplicated book to read in my off moments. Now I shall go to sleep and dream of beautiful dinners.

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