Saturday, July 14, 2012

More Mythology: Temping Fate

I was actually on a Foolscap panel with Esther Friesner a few years ago, so I made a point of buying Temping Fate from the dealer's room. Of course, I usually come home with a pile of books from Foolscap, so this one ended up piled in the TBR bookcase until today.
Barock Schloss CC License
It's a fun book about people with strange names (Ilana, Dyrrin) interacting with modern versions of ancient gods, mostly Greek through a summer temporary work agency designed to let the deities get a bit of a break. Ilana, who gets a confusingly interesting back story, lands this summer job and wavers between enjoying the high wages and backing away from the magic and danger involved, while fending off the insanity of her sister's extreme wedding plans.
Photo: They call this the "anticlimactic " flaming geyser.
Anticlimatic Flaming Geyser

I didn't finish until late, since we went out to Flaming Geyser state park to celebrate my Discovery Pass. We tracked down the Anticlimactic Flaming Geyser (as the local rangers named it) but read up on its glory days a before my birth when it leaped up much higher. Not content with this, we then went to the local water park for the evening to hit the water. Well, I didn't get far enough in the book to do the laps I actually contemplated, because I had the pleasure of hanging out and talking with my son for a while. I will definitely give this book to my eight grader though; he lives urban fantasy and Greek mythology.

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