Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crunch Time

Renton LibraryThis November, I'm focusing on finishing my library books. Ideally I'd only have about five or ten books out at a time, since I get more from the library each week. But my eyes are always bigger than my, er, eyes, so I tend to pick up enough books for two or three weeks every Thursday. And then I notice the problem, try to show some self-restraint and read as fast as I can to catch up.

Of course, November is traditionally also the month when I notice that I'm far behind on my reading challenges, so I rush off getting the books I need to finish them. For example, I need about fifteen more Cybils books, so I requested them all from the library. I also need about fifteen more states for my state challenge, as well as a few colors for the Rainbow challenge. So I've got two incompatible goals here.

So, after hogging an entire shelf of the holds bookcase, I came home with:

Image of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of item
  • Endangered, Eliot Schrefer. Cybils finalist. YA. Set in Africa.
  • Boy 21, Matthew Quick. Cybils finalist. YA. Takes place in Bellmont. I don't suppose that's in Delaware?
  • Four Mile, Watt Key. Cybils finalist. YA. Alabama. The author sounds familiar.
  • Moonbird, Phillip Hoose.  Cybils finalist. YA NF. I thought this was about outer space, but the cover made me double check the author, so birds make more sense. Takes place globally.
Image of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of item

Image of itemImage of itemImage of item
  • The Peculiar, Stefan Bachmann. Cybils finalist. Kidlit. Takes place in Bath, which is probably in England. 
  • A Dangerous Talent, Charlotte & Aron Elkins. I believe this takes place in New Mexico. I checked it out last year but ran out of time before reading it, so I'm trying again. I think a friend recommended it when I asked for specific state books.
  • The Lord of Mountains, S.M. Stirling. OK, this one wasn't even on the hold shelf, but I saw it in Quick Picks and knew it's on my list to read someday. So I grabbed it.
Also, I got another music CD.

This means I now have 55 things out on my library cards, which is well over my age so I'm not allowed to buy any books this week. And before I got around to posting this I've noticed that I have another four books waiting for me.

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