Sunday, November 10, 2013

Salmon Run Under It

Renton LibrarySchools been running for over two months, and I'm still exploring my new library day. Foolishly I like to go every week, at which time I pick up enough books for the next month. And then I drown in pages, but it's a good way to go. Lately I've been trying Thursdays, since I'm picking up at a kid at the city bus stop conveniently outside the library. If I'm early, I go in and browse. If I'm late, I'm unconcerned since he can do that. And I bring along any handy volunteers I can get my hands on.

My two goals this week were to get my library numbers down, and to check out all the books I needed for my yearly challenges. This goals are not actually compatible, you may notice. I had two books waiting for me on the hold shelf, and then I searched through the teaser display at the front looking for books that satisfy my various geographic challenges. And then I got the next six books for my Reading My Library challenge. So I came home with:
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  • The Yellow Birds, Kevin Powers. I saw this in the Quick Picks section and was intrigued.
  • Final Sail, Elaine Viets. I'm hoping this takes place in Central America.
  • The Round House, Louise Erdrich. Quick Pick from North Dakota.
  • The Fifth Assassin, Brad Meltzer. Quick Pick from Washington D.C.
  • After Dead, Charlaine Harris. I thought this hold would take longer to appear; it's a list of what eventually happens to everyone from the Sookie Stackhouse books.
  • Battle Magic, Tamora Pierce. Another hold my library delivered super-efficiently.
Over in the kidlit section, I examined the penultimate section of the J Fiction, and from the six shelves I chose:
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  • Listen!, Stephanie Tolan. Some kind of dog story; I'm hoping it takes place in West Virginia or maybe South Carolina.
  • The Shadow Thieves, Anne Ursu. Because I liked Bread Crumbs so much. My cover is much cooler, though.
  • Navigating Early, Clare Vanderpool. Again because I recognized the author. Also, I hope the characters escape from Maine and move the book to a geographically desirable state.
  • Paperboy, Vince Vawter. I've been interested in this book due to some reviews I liked. Also, I'm interested in selective mutes.
  • Coyote Autumn, Bill Wallace. Another dog story, which I hope takes place in an obscure state.
  • The Templeton Twins Have An Idea, Ellis Weiner. I'm a sucker for books about odd smart kids.
Also, I got another music CD.

This means I leapt up to 49 things out on my library cards, and I can't age fast enough to surpass that, so no new book from the store for me this week. I've got to read all the Cybils books while getting my library count down -- I think the mid-twenties would be a good place but that's a far way off.

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