Friday, January 17, 2014

Hard Times At the Library

Image of Renton This is Week Three of the Triple Dog Dare, a time for resisting all new books, and I have only just begun to wail, gnash my teeth, and cry out to the heavens for relief. Of course, I still visit my library every week so I can rub fresh salt into my self-inflicted wounds (and so I can pick up the few holds still trickling in). I went in, I picked up my paltry hold choices, forced my put-upon younger son to bring me two CDs for car noise, and then gazed upon all the new books before reading a few picture books and leaving the building with a lightweight bag.

On the plus side, I'm actually managing to read and turn in more than I check out, which is a pleasant and unusual sensation for me.

HawkeyeHawkeye 1: My Life As a Weapon, Matt Fraction. My library is so awesome. Just last week I worried that I wouldn't get this in time since I accidentally got the 2nd one first, but then my heroes delivered this to me. They are also the heroes of my older son, who found the second book a bit confusing without this context.

I technically also checked out a second book, but it was the last Steven Brust Vlad Taltos book and it's not for me but for older son. Also Pratchett's Dodgers on my e-reader, which is for younger son. That one is especially hard since I do want to read it, but I'm not even going to put it on my personal NOOK. Because discipline.

So that was it. Next week doesn't really look much better. But that's good! This is the plan! I'm excited to be a part of this plan! If I use a few more exclamation marks I might even convince myself!!! Curse you TBR Dare!
badge-4This means I now have 45 things out on my library cards, including ebooks. That's pretty good, considering how many really belong to my ungrateful children, don't you think?  I'll go share my Library Loot at the event co-hosted by Claire from the Captive Reader and Linda from Silly Little Mischief where all the library addicts compare their treasures.

Book credits banked: THREE (Usually I reward myself by buying a book if my library total is less than my age, but since I can't actually buy anything right now I'm counting up these credits.)


Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

I know I could never make it even three weeks into the Triple Dog Dare (I can barely make it three days without browsing through the library) so well done you!

Anonymous said...

I've read the first couple issues of Hawkeye and it's excellent. Been meaning to read more.

...But not until April. ;)