Saturday, July 19, 2014

Big Books and I Cannot Lie

It's time for another Reading Challenge! How about Book By Book's 2014 Big Book Summer Challenge.The idea here is that summer is the   time to read giant chunksters of books, and I can't really argue with that. So here's to seeing how many books longer than 400 pages I read between now and the end of summer, declared to be the end of America's Labor Day weekend (this year, September 1st).

The first book I'll try for is Lynn Flewelling's Shards of Time, which clocks in at 400 pages. After I get that finished, I'll look at David Weber's A Rising Thunder, Laurell K Hamilton's Affliction, and Elizabeth Moon's Crown of Renewal. I also note that Rick Riordan's Son of Neptune looks promisingly thick.

Note that absolute lack of literary award or academic street cred among my choices. I'm going straight for beach reads, guilty pleasures, and summer relaxation.

I have finished Elizabeth Moon's Crown of Renewal, clocking in at 503 pages. This is a good beach read, with sweeping histories and clearly defined story lines. I think Moon tells me a bit too much about what is going on (I like to figure a little out by myself) and the vast canvas is not quite as engrossing as the more detailed portrait of the books that focus on a single character, such as the original Deed of Paksennarrion. Still, I'll keep heading back whenever Moon has an other installment.

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