Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fifty States of Reading! Where Am I Reading in 2015?

Where Are You Reading
Book Journey is once again hosting her Where Am I Reading Challenge, and I find that I really enjoy tracking the geography of my reading. I'm definitely US centric, and there are some states that I rarely venture into (some of them are really small!). I like the push to read a bit outside my comfort zone.

Last year I didn't make it through all the states, although that may give me a tiny boost this year as I had the books to do it lined up, but ended up spending December with my family instead of holed inside the books I had left unread until the last minute.

I also like to track where I'm reading outside the US

So, once more into the breach I go! This year I'll try to read five books a month, so I have two months at the end to catch up. Of course, that was my plan last year, and it didn't pan out. But it worked the year before that! I've marked in red the states that escaped me in 2014, so I make sure not to skip them again.

Alabama: Gone Crazy in Alabama
Alaska: Against the Wild, Ice Dogs
Arizona: Dead Heat (twice), Code Breaker, In Real Life, Sackett Brand
Arkansas: A Love That Multiplies
California: Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye, Gabi a Girl in Pieces, Stranger, I'll Give You the Sun, End of Days, Shadow Hero, Gaijin: American Prisoner of War, 14, Equipoise
Colorado: A Matter For Men, Silver Lining
Connecticut: Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant
Delaware: Angel Among Us
Florida: Boys of Blur
Georgia: Magic Breaks, Hex Hall, Morning Glory

Hawaii: Strange Relations
Idaho: The Given Sacrifice, Blacksmith's Bravery
Illinois: Pointe
Indiana: Scared Stiff
Iowa: The Cobweb
Kansas: The Waking Dead
Kentucky: Wormwood
Louisiana: Out of the Easy, Vengeance of the Demon
Maine: Summer Mahogany
Maryland: Underground Abductor,

Massachusetts: Penderwicks in Spring, Santa Paws to the Rescue, The Last Holiday Concert, The Family Fortune
Michigan: Codex Born, Station Eleven
Minnesota: Ambassador, Sex and Violence, Shiver
Mississippi: Bless Her Dead Little Heart, Freedom Summer Murders
Missouri: Ardeur, Jason, Noggin, Dead Ice, Gateway
Montana: Logan (Montana Creeds)
Nebraska: The Monsters of Morley Manor
Nevada: (Brothel?)
New Hampshire: Book Clubbed
New Jersey: Stakeout

New Mexico: Kepler's Dream
New York: Archangel's Shadows, Possession, When I Was the Greatest, Festive in Death, All Four Stars, Half a Life, Shadowshaper, Obsession in Death, Perfect Match, Autobiography of a Face, Tuck Everlasting
North Carolina: Jack and Joe
North Dakota:Plague of Doves
Ohio: My Friend Dahmer, Being Mortal
Oklahoma: The Worst Hard Time
Oregon: A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Roller Girl
Pennsylvania: Tinker, Glory O'Brien's History of the World, Death By Toilet Paper
Rhode Island: Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up
South Carolina: brown girl dreaming, Agnes and the Hitman, Ming Tea Murder

South Dakota: Wide Open
Tennessee: Wildflower, Alice + Freda: Forever, Almost Amish
Texas: Girls Like Us, Burn For Me, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Day Shift, Popular
Utah: City of Saints
Vermont: Return of Santa Paws
Virginia: Weeping Willow, El Deafo
Washington: Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything In It, Hopcross Jilly
West Virginia: Zero Day
Wisconsin: Boys Wanted, Bird Lake Moon
Wyoming: Breaking Point

Washington D.C.: Capture the Flag, Voices From the March on Washington

Last year I made it to every continent except Antarctica, although by the skin of my teeth. This year I'm hoping to read at least two books from every continent, although North America is hard when I don't count my home country.

North America:
Canada (Ontario): The Swallow
About that Night, Driven, Stone Mattress

South America:

Britain: Pickwick Papers, Decider, The Escape (Wales), Shadows and Dreams, Life After Life, Matilda, As You Wish, Lost Enchantment, Curtsies and Conspiracies, His at Night, Over Sea Under Stone, Waistcoats & Weaponry, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, Too Dangerous For a Lady, Paddington At Large, Aunt Dimity and the Summer King, Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well, Rogue Spy, Mischief and Mistletoe, Lord of Scoundrels, Last Chance Christmas Ball
Ireland: Darkfever
Germany: Rose Under Fire
Italy: The Danger, Flying Finish
Russia: The Blood of Tyrants, The Family Romanov *
Norway: West of the Moon, Runemarks (?)
France: All the Light We Cannot See, The Castle Behind Thorns, The Harlem Hellfighters, Hidden
Poland: Uprooted (kinda)
Greece: The Just City

India: Not Quite a Husband, Salvage, Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood
Russia: The Blood of Tyrants, The Family Romanov *
Afghanistan????:The Bride's Story Vol 2, 3
Jordan: Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist
Syria: Mrs Pollifax Unveiled
Japan: Wandering Son


Australia: While We Run
(Middle of the Pacific, Hidden Islands) The Living


Outer Space: Undercity, Across the Universe, Fortune's Pawn, Honor's Knight, Darkship Thieves, Rogue, Heaven's Queen, Ancillary Justice, Hunt for the Hydra, Yonder Comes the Other End of Time, A Sea Without a Shore, Peacemaker, The Martian, The Sword of Rhiannon, The Lost Fleet:Leviathan:Beyond the Frontier, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, The Gods Themselves

Fantasy: The Shadow Throne, Hawk, Ella Enchanted, Blood and Betrayal, Goblin Emperor, Forged in Blood 1, Wyrd Sisters, The Winner's Curse, Avatar: The Last Airbender 6, Avatar: Lost Scrolls: Earth, Out of Boneville, Royal Airs, The High Druid's Blade, Jeweled Fire

Other: There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom, NERDS, The Greenglass House, The Last Holiday Concert, 


kmitcham said...

That reading time upheaval was my fault. Sorry! I'll try to do better next year.

Amy Johnson said...

If you want a great book set in Antarctica, try "Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage." I'm almost finished with it, and it's fantastic!

Laura Agnella said...

Looks great! Love the map. Here is mine so far. I'm so behind.
Laura :)